M had the floor laying completely under control today (I spent the whole morning prepping the space by way of a contribution) so I escaped to do a bit of junk browsing with Mum and E. We are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to this kind of thing with a huge centre about fifteen minutes away, converted military quarters full of antiques and collectibles of every kind. It’s where we used to be sellers too until a big variety of television programmes took away the mystery of auctions and it became much more difficult to get a good deal for resale. It’s fun to be just buyers now and in particular laugh at some of the valuations.

Take this ‘wall hanging’ for example. It’s no more than a tea towel on two thin wooden rods. A little bit pricey at £60! I love the retro style and the subject but even so, I’d rather draw one myself onto calico than part with that large sum!

I was tempted by a tall narrow mirror with a lovely old frame but I’ve really got to wait until our bedroom is totally finished and we are sure about where things are going to go. Likewise with light shades, it looks like the room will need something more adventurous than the metal pendent style I originally liked.

I came home with just one bargain purchase, a falcon ware style enamel pan in great condition for our teardrop trailer for the grand sum of £4. I’ve been buying bits of this here and there whilst the project is slowly being built. M has promised to have it finished by the start of the cricket season in April (which is looking ambitious) and I will probably have found everything we need by then. Picnic blankets, towels, linen and vintage cooking utensils and coffee pot are all stashed away in a large vintage suitcase. If all else fails we will at least be able to have a stylish cricket boundary picnic!


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