Alas the trip was not meant to be. J is on the mend but looking after the dogs and cooking would have been something he’d have needed a hand with. Turns out that wasn’t available. Even with M staying behind to hold the fort I can’t manage the 4-5 hours of driving with my neck and shoulder problem. The equivalent train journey is long with several changes and expensive, not to mention inconvenient whilst I’m down there. My last trip’home’ was a year ago and not with M, I think it’s been at least five years since we visited together so it’s not surprising that I was looking forward to it.

Although I was extremely disappointed last night I’m always practical in the cold light of day. M wanted to spend his three days off doing bedroom diy. There are smaller jobs to finish off now including sanding and painting the skirting boards, fitting a couple of new pieces of skirting board, rehanging the door, shelves to put up etc. He is tired and has a hectic schedule from next week onwards so not having a break at all didn’t really make a lot of sense to me. I finally got him to see the logic in having a few excursions from home instead. We only ever have an odd morning or an afternoon here and there which means we tend to stay local. So, with much moaning and fuss M agreed to drive out to Horncastle which is yet another small market town in Lincolnshire. It’s nothing special but has quite a few junk and antique places, a river running through the town, a few half decent places to have coffee, the best hardware shop ever and a great, meandering old book shop called Jabberwock Books. There are two or three sewing/haberdashery/yarn shops too but I wasn’t going to push my luck and have a look at those!

The church in the photo’s above is an easy antique place to miss if you don’t know it’s there. It’s packed to the rafters inside and M finally started enjoying himself when he came across an old, hand carved wooden bucket, I’m not sure whether it’s an old milk pail or for butter making but it has come home with us, along with a big old wooden scoop. I think we might end up using it for dog mixer, I’m all for using old stuff!

I’m a sucker for pottery so my purchases were both in this line. The bowls are hand thrown and marked Sandwich and the green stem vase is a by a potter with a mark (Hy) I keep coming across but have no idea who or where they are based. Total cost five pounds for the bowls and the vase. I think the latter might be classed as a second on account of its wonky top but that’s precisely what I like about hand thrown pottery, nothing needs to be too perfect.

So, it certainly wasn’t an antique/junk hunt in the ancient cinque port town of Rye, with a take out coffee overlooking a windswept Rye Harbour and maybe a bit of yarn gathering in ‘Penny Royal’ and it’s probably done nothing towards me liking this part of the country anymore than I did before but it was marginally better than moping at home.

Goodness only knows what I will dream up for tomorrow but it will probably be met with more man moaning and end up with the comment, ‘that was a really good idea of yours, what a lovely day we had’. My tactic is always to start with the threat of IKEA and quite honestly anything I suggest after that is usually met with approval because he has escaped the very place he hates most in the world. It goes something like this… ‘so, IKEA tomorrow then?’. He says, ‘Oh you’re so funny!’. I say, with a serious look on my face, ‘well actually we haven’t been for a while and I could do with some shelf brackets, a few plants, maybe a throw and some cushions for the bed.’ He then turns a deathly shade of white and says nothing. I then seal the deal to get him to go somewhere else without so much fuss by saying, ‘oh and we could do with a few new kitchen utensils and another one of those glass storage jars’. It’s so specific it’s convincing. Then I suggest freezing our backsides off with a cold and blustery walk at a coastal nature reserve with no shops for miles, which is much more my kind of thing, but probably not his, and he’ll say, yeah, great idea.


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