This is where I’d quite like to spend today with a constant supply of tea or coffee, I’m not fussy. Crochet and a Netflix series would do just fine while it’s cold outside. The trouble is I have two eager faces and wagging tails reminding me that it’s also a good day for walking. There is indeed sunshine as well as a nippy wind. If I very slowly and very quietly open my sock drawer… nope, they’re onto me.

I snapped off this little twig of pussy willow from the chopped down trunks near to that mini log cabin at the weekend. If I’d had the right snipping tool I think I might have taken a whole bunch. It seemed such a waste, I hope they had a good reason for chopping down perfectly healthy trees. The pussy willow buds were pale and velvety at first and now they’ve gone to seed they are  fluffy and yellow. I’m grateful for all those nature walks my school took us on, it fostered a lifelong fascination for thing like pussy willow, catkins, conkers, beech nuts, pine cones, acorns. The ‘treasure’ we took back for the nature table truly felt like valuable finds.

I once met a mother when our daughters were both about seven and suggested a picnic outing. She arrived in high heels for a vertical climb to a stunning viewpoint with a huge meadow and insisted that she walked everywhere in them so they’d be fine. Clearly not the outdoor or picnic type she hadn’t so much as packed a ball or a kite for her sons so I sent my two and her three children off on a hunt for as many different tree leaves as they could find. It was such a surprise to me that not one of her children could name any of the trees whose leaves they had collected (along with dandelion leaves and other random weeds). When I’d identified the trees and they’d run off for their next challenge she asked me if I’d done a university degree in trees (as if) and I simply told her that it was a primary school subject for me.

On a different subject entirely. We had a bit of a drama yesterday. Let’s just say that it’s never a good idea to take more than 24 hours to remove your bedroom door, shave the bottom of it and refit it when you have dogs. Have you seen the advert…

It’s the one with the rather muddy dog who decides to jump up on a pure white duvet and have a little shake. Well, think Riley and think brand new duvet cover only not quite as sludgy as the dog in the advert thank goodness. Nothing the washing machine couldn’t put right. Pretty relieved I went for the charcoal grey cover and not the white one.


3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. My junior school used to take us on nature walks too! It was so good to be out in the fresh air looking at flora and fauna. Do primary schools still do this? Your bedroom looks good with the wooden wall. Hurray for washing machines! Imagine what life would be like without them – all those dog towels to wash by hand 😆


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