The lesser spotted/photographed Harvey is having a blog turn today. How he appears here is how he looks most of the time. Wet, muddy and with a serious expression mainly due to the fact that he has had to suffer the short ride in the car. He’s always quivered like a jelly when it comes to cars. He willingly jumps in, shuffles to the back of the boot and then shakes like a leaf for the entire journey.

The photo’s are from yesterday’s ‘hello sunshine’ walk. Today it is ‘hello grey skies’. There is a method to the madness of my coastal thoughts and work table however. There is a slight possibility of an assignment near the coast for M. I’m not getting my hopes up but if it happens it will mean I can go along and we can stay on for an extra day. Such is the nature of his work everything can change at the last minute so for now I can only dream of walking along a sandy beach (never mind that it’s the middle of winter!) I recently learnt, thanks to the Times crossword, that ‘woolgathering’ is another word for daydreaming. I can’t believe, after all these years of knitting and crochet that I haven’t already heard of that.

I decided to wind the denim yarn into cakes which fit nicely in my Yak project bag. I’ve had these three balls for a while and I still have no idea what to make with them. They seem ideal for these ‘market’ bags or net bags featured in the Scheepjes YARN magazine, so I might start one and see how it behaves. If there’s too much give it probably won’t work out. I’d like it to work without having to add the suggested fabric lining.

I’ve just attempted to produce one of those crocheted round pebbles (that also feature in the magazine but without guide lines) and they are fiddly as heck. The ultra thin and scratchy yarn I’ve used doesn’t have very good stitch definition so if I try again I will need to locate my fine linen thread. I think a bigger, flatter pebble would be better too.

J had half term and beyond off school and is finally due to go back tomorrow. He needed extra strong antibiotics in the end and I doubt he will back to normal fitness levels for a couple of weeks yet. It’s always difficult to know when to push for further advice or help when you or your child is ill. It is usually a two week wait for an appointment here and we all feel as though we need to be near death to get seen any sooner. Our walk in system has a big long list of what are acceptable ailments for a walk in, including only new problems. It’s a list that many wouldn’t understand let alone memorise. However, if you are clear about what you want then it is certainly easier to get it. I couldn’t make the call myself but I told M that I wanted J to be seen again because his temperatures were a major concern even after four days of antibiotics. They tagged him onto the end of that day’s appointments and said that we were right to be concerned.

We all now seem to be under the weather with coughs, temperatures and flu like symptoms but at least three of us are up and about and carrying on as best we can. In fact E is supervising 25 six year olds on a three day residential farm trip (rather her than me!) If I’d only known what luxury taking to my bed for a few days was before I had children! M will famously say something like, ‘you look dreadful, go and put your feet up’ and five minutes later he’ll say, ‘I can’t find the packet of glue nozzles I bought’ which will usually mean I have to get up and find them. Another five minutes of putting my feet up and he will ask me to come and hold a piece of wood. Worse though, if you want forty winks in the daytime due to ill health, despite the golden rule that says do not wake me up unless someone has died or the house is on fire… five minutes if you’re lucky!


2 thoughts on “Woolgathering 

  1. Woolgathering – love it. I tend to dream of the sea, particularly when the weather is a bit driech (like today) or if I am feeling a bit fed up (like the other day) when I crave something different (like most days!) Oh what the hell – I am off to run away to the sea! (when I have finished doing what I have to do …..)


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