While we were away in Wales (an awful lot of W’s in that sentence so far!) Mum stayed with J just to make sure he was still on the road to recovery and not about to start a two day diet of chocolate flavoured cereal and jelly (I seem to lose the battle Weetos versus Weetabix every time). Although it’s not every day your daughter whacks a load of old wood up for a feature wall in the main bedroom (makes me laugh out loud!) Mum actually has a great eye for interior design and is often ahead of the trends. She took the two bedroom photos above and messaged them to me with enthusiastic approval, which reminded me that I haven’t really done a bedroom makeover post yet.

The room is far from finished. M has man diy to complete, like wiring in the new ceiling light fittings. We are changing them from white plastic cord to braided fabric cord and then having big old fashioned bulbs with cage shades. I can just see my Grandfather’s face now… he’d be wondering where the fabric for the shade had got to! It does indeed look like a bare shade but they are architectural and I like them!

The wardrobes are built and functioning but need doors and a whitewash. Skirting boards have yet to be painted. We’ve taken delivery of a new kingsize mattress but it is sitting on the old super king base until M builds a new one. We’ve yet to choose blinds for the two windows. I’m still looking for something arty for above the bed. It feels like we have worked solidly on this room since January and should be finished by now. To be fair though it was a huge task. It was major work getting nasty seventies wallpaper off with the steamer. There was a pale blue layer, a peach layer and a magnolia layer, whoever lived here before just kept wallpapering over the last layer!

It is totally mood changing when you finally achieve home decor by choice. I realise now that a lot of my not so happy days spent here were a lot to do with the awful stuff I had to live with and lack of space until we had both time and money to sort it out. We gave the children’s rooms priority at first and both involved structural work, after that we knocked the kitchen through to the old L shaped dining room so that was a major undertaking. Our bedroom has been the last room to be tackled and then it’ll be back to the beginning with fresh paint in the dining room and maybe a re-think so that it can be a part time craft space too.

Somehow, and I’m still wondering how, I managed to persuade M to go to IKEA yesterday! We are both now going down with what Jake has been so ill with, hacking coughs, hot but with the shivers. We dosed up with max flu strength stuff and of course M moaned and moaned. He was mainly concerned that I wasn’t patient enough to wait for him to build a yarn storage solution. Once I had explained that there’s only so much rustic wood you can foist on one room and offered up metal as a new material that wouldn’t compete with the rustic wardrobes, floor, bed frame and wall, then he finally saw the purpose of at least going to have a look at the cabinets I had in mind.

He cheered up considerably once we had a cuddly toy, a plant and candles for E in the trolley and a rug for J (yes E is 19 now but has a soft spot for Ikea cuddly toys). That was clearly his priority, to make sure the children had ‘gifts’. He cheered up even more when we paid for round one and with the receipt won a £5 voucher to spend in the food hall. The cashier explained that you could win absolutely anything in store from a donut to a 3-piece suite. He would not have been very gracious if it had been a donut but he did howl with laughter when he overheard a man with a broad Yorkshire accent say, ‘it’s a bloody donut, all this way and we’ve won a bloody donut!’ He wasn’t going without it though, he told his wife, ‘you get t’donut and I’ll get t’car!’

So, we bought two of these metal cabinets. They don’t seem to have a name but they are from the PS range. They are very sturdy for only £55 each and they didn’t require an Allen key to put together! It’s given me six deep and wide shelves to fill with yarn. So that’ll be variagated dk, plain dk, Aran, chunky, superchunky and miscellaneous bits and bobs like my weighing scales for yarn, needles, hooks, blah blah. I’ve made a start with winding all of my variegated dk into yarn cakes with my wool  winder. It seemed like a good idea at the time but boy is my arm aching already! Luckily quite a bit of my yarn is already wound so I will do a bit each day. I’m surprised that the contents of my first plastic box haven’t completely filled this first shelf. I’ve tossed all the small leftovers and coarser yarn into the round basket for weaving. I’ll have a bit more choice of colour when I do my next piece.

I’m quite glad that the new bedroom layout wouldn’t accommodate my old yarn cupboard with its stacks of plastic boxes inside. It was a faff when I wanted a box at the bottom of the pile and it was so easy to forget what I had even though the boxes were mainly clear. I feel that this new system, although open to the elements (we don’t seem to get many moths but I will look into deterrents) will be so much more conducive to creativity and using stuff up!

M will feel useful once more when I tell him I’d like a scaffold plank shelf or two above my new cabinets. It might be another six months or a year before we go to Ikea again though! Feng shui wise it is probably saying ‘it’s you, me and the yarn in this marriage’ when you’ve got your entire yarn stash in the bedroom. However, with my little bureau, music and a comfy chair, it’s a happy space to work in now. Harvey and Riley might just be allowed in to snooze on the rug too!


2 thoughts on “Storage

  1. oooh gorgeous shelves! we just got very similar ones at work, for the studio and to take to shows. but with no doors. I built cute little swing shelves for them, I’ll take a picture tomorrow for you.


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