It is very much still sick city here. It feels very much like those hammering benches you can get for toddlers… each of us pops up and is functioning only to be whacked with the sick bug hammer. Currently we are about two down and two functioning. M has managed work, small bursts of DIY (despite me suggesting it can wait) and he is currently out doing the weekly food shop. He refuses to use the various delivery services because he’s convinced they pick rubbish best before dates and overripe fruit. Quite frankly I could live with that right now! E has also managed not to miss work.

J is on his third course of antibiotics, he’s had a chest x ray which elicited an ‘oh wow’ remark from the radiographer but of course we aren’t privy to what that might mean until the results are posted, yes posted to our gp, what happened to electronic transfer? J has never really been this unwell before so he has no idea how to listen to his body. He insisted on being allowed to do sport on his return to school and five minutes into an inter schools football match he realised he wasn’t going to be much use. He wasn’t in a good state when he got home hence the return to our doctor and more treatment. He’s now signed off all further sporting activity until this thing is well and truly over.

Meanwhile I am not well at all and frustrated not to be out and about with my four legged boys. At least one of them is protectively by my side, you can guess which one. He was most concerned yesterday when I really didn’t leave my bed much all day. At some stage I decided to watch The Hunt, a Danish drama on iPlayer at the moment. It certainly did nothing for my tissue supply and should have come with a warning to Springer Spaniel lovers! Good grief! All I can say is that I hope the dog was just a blooming good actor (or an extremely convincing dummy).

I’ve managed to do some wool winding at least. I tackled my Aran weight supplies and found that it’s so much easier to pick a random selection of colours when they are all in similar sized cakes. I’m not even sure whether these colours technically work but they looked ok together at the time of winding. Although the two boxes of wips are kind of on my mind and have yet to be dealt with it also seemed like a good idea to start a new wip! I’m sure I have mundane stuff already on the go but this was handy and nearby and I was off the starting block before I could even imagine anyone would kill off a cute Springer in a Danish drama! I know it’s only tv but honestly.

The new wip will eventually, in about a metre’s time be a double loop cowl. I’m using forked half trebles which are made over two stitches starting in the last stitch of the one made before. I’ll do the link info next time I post about this cowl. I’m still living in hope that the next iOS update will mean I get my bookmarks functioning again, without them I keep having to rely on google to find everything. There is something nice about the way the stitch creates a nice thick bumpy row without having to use back loops. I may try this out for a hat sometime too, now that I’ve wound a few aran 400g balls into 100g balls they seem more ‘approachable’! 😆

M had to manage a trip to B&Q solo yesterday! To be honest if I never go again it will be too soon. He was very thoughtful and brought me back a lovely coffee and a mysterious object wrapped in newspaper. It turned out to be the little piece of pottery pictured above. What do you reckon? For candles or incense or flowers? I’m never sure. It was one of those occasions where he dropped off all the charity bags we’d filled and swapped our junk for more junk, but this is the kind of junk he knew I’d like.

I’m not missing any fantastic Spring like weather at least. It’s been dull and overcast with drizzle all day so far. I’ve found another Danish drama on iPlayer and I think I’m prepared to give them another chance despite the trauma of witnessing dead dogs of a certain breed. The cowl will no doubt be done and dusted by the end of it and then I will dutifully return to M’s scarf. Just a small diversion!


2 thoughts on “Diversion

  1. I hope everyone feels better soon! We’ve had similar bouts of late winter illnesses here in my house too but not nearly as severe as what you’re dealing with. The colors work very nice together – very warm and comforting! 🙂


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