It was a glorious day today. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. I wasn’t going to spend a second day sleeping and waking and wondering what day it was. I convinced M that I was feeling much better (I lied) and we took advantage of a cancellation of work to take a drive out to one of the market towns near here.

On a Tuesday this little town has a fruit and veg auction under a glass topped Victorian canopy within an old fashioned cobble stoned market square. They sell all kinds of weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables as well as plants. A one off visit is usually more than enough to fill all the random pots and troughs we have scattered about at the front of our property. There really isn’t much point in planting tubs out the back because the dogs are often out there without being supervised. Harvey has always thought that tubs and pots are specifically for digging up. He brings the mangled plants to you which he thinks is being helpful. When you put it in the context of us praising him for bringing all the branches that are littering the garden for the bonfire you can see where he’s coming from.

M loves the banter of this auction, he’s been going since long before we me and he’s actually quite good at it. It also went some way to balancing out the trip to Ikea. He suffered that and I suffered this three hour long auction! We’ve ended up with enough plants to give half to Mum for her garden and that was after filling an old rusty wheelbarrow chock full of lupins, primula, hyacinths and tulips, six or seven large pots and a window box. We spent less than £15 including flowers and vegetables. I’ve got a kitchen full of flowers which were going for 30p a bunch and enough vegetables to do stews for a month!

The above photos of my new stash busting cowl were taken in haste this morning before we set off. It’s lovely and thick and warm. I didn’t manage to stand through the whole auction so M bought me a large coffee and I sat in the churchyard nearby with the sun on my face. I was still glad of the warm cowl though. Every now and then M dropped off a tray of plants with me. Then a nice old man asked if I would mind looking after his plants too. I didn’t mind at all. Then a nice old woman came to ask me if I was thinking of someone buried in the churchyard, which would normally have been an unwelcome question but I told her I was. I told her I was thinking of my Nan, who isn’t buried in the churchyard (but at rest somewhere much nicer) and that she would probably have enjoyed this auction. In return she told me a lot about her Mum. A little bit later still and another old chap decided I would be a good bet for a chat but unfortunately his accent was a bit of a struggle and he gave up on me before too long.

So, for the crochet details… it seems there are quite a few variations on a theme when it comes to these forked half trebles. Most of them seemed to use a variety that ended with a loop being pulled through five loops on the hook. The one I used did not. It doesn’t show in the flat photo but in the other shot you can see how this stitch kind of puffs up the row. I eventually found the link again and it’s I don’t think mine looks much like theirs to be honest but I followed the stitch instructions to the letter so the differences are probably due to the yarn type. If I’d been in the mood for faffing about with selfies I might have taken some sideways shots or just better shots like the ones in the link, but hey, it’s the best I can do today!

If I made another then I would construct it the way I’m making M’s scarf, in a continuous tube. It would be fit for the coldest of days, it would take longer than two evenings to make and it would stash bust more of my aran weight supplies. It would also eliminate that raw edge which, for some strange OCD kind of reason, I prefer to tuck under and out of sight (but you can see it in the oatmeal stripe above). It would be a good sized project for me because I get bored with blankets too easily and garments are not so easy to cart around.

I really ought to be setting myself a target to finish a few wips first. Perhaps one a week. I bravely opened the first box of wips today and found the two halves of a crochet whale 🐳 . I know, it’s very random. It doesn’t seem to be in need of much work, just some surface cross stitch and sewing up. It was probably the thought of attempting the cross stitch that made me shove it to one side. I was never very good at cross stitch at school. Hopefully he’ll be the first wip I cross off the list this week. I’ve no idea why I started making this whale but he’d make a good shelf ornament or perhaps a door stop if I filled his bottom half with something heavy, but first the dreaded cross stitch!


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