What a perfect day! It was warm enough to leave my dog walking coat at home. I have to take a few bits and bobs on these walks including keys, water, an emergency dog lead even though we never use it, phone, glasses etc, so without the coat pockets I have to use a small rucksack which was exactly where I left it last year complete with bird watching binoculars and sunglasses. I added fresh water in my light weight bottle and off we went.

The binoculars didn’t leave the bag despite there being all kinds out there today. I was in demand with the throwing stick, Harvey is relentless. We took two tennis balls with us and came back with one deflated football. Harvey thought it was a fair deal. He crunches the tennis balls until they are a pulpy mess and don’t fit in the thrower. Then he abandons them and goes in search of a stick, only today he found something more exciting than a stick.

The dogs had an extra long swimming session today while I watched from the bench. Riley came over periodically and shook himself right next to me. He’s a sharing sort. Harvey dropped various soggy reeds at my feet, none of which were suitable for throwing. In the end I found the remains of a dog toy in the bushes and he thought it was Christmas! Easily pleased. There was zero chance of reading a few pages of my book while they ‘played’ so we set off for the return walk. The lake must have stagnated over the winter because they absolutely stunk. They snored like pigs all afternoon after all that exercise.

M was home unexpectedly early from an assignment in Birmingham. In fact just in time to take me out for lunch. We had an amazing ham salad in the Bailgate area of Lincoln not far from the cathedral. It will soon be even more busy with tourists. Today there were a number of groups walking round with maps on their phones. We had quite a good view of lost tourists from our window seats!

This afternoon I had a little time to make some progess with the random crochet whale. I needed to google how to do bullion stitch first of all. I’ve never done it before and you can see that I started off with fat slugs and worked towards slender worms, ok maybe maggots then. I’m quite impressed with bullion stitch, it was fun and adds dimension to this whale. There’s a gusset to sew in between the two body panels which looks quite fiddly but I’ll try not to put it off, this is one wip I want out of the way and he may well end up on top of my bureau to keep me company while I’m weaving!


3 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Morgan’s favourite thing to find when walking is a tatty bit of old tennis ball, a plastic bottle comes a very close second. ☺


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