In the interests of trying new things… today a photo challenge and a new app. I’m always late to the party with these linking things but Hawthorn ( h ) has drawn me in with the promise ‘if I can do it so can you!’ So, the above photo collage was done with ‘Pic Collage’, an app I’ve had on my iPad for a while but haven’t done much with. It was very simple to use. From top to bottom, left to right…

Flowers. Experimenting with my new phone camera macro lens. A viola? A mini pansy anyway.

Baking. Always bread. Eaten fresh from the bread maker (yes I know that’s not proper baking but it’s as close as I’ll get!)

Reading. Gritty new novels or old classics. I’m not fussy.

Comfortable. This dog invented the word.

Favourite colour. Blue, any shade, anywhere, anything.

Candles. Every day. Pine, sandalwood, fresh linen.

Hat. Ella loves this one I crocheted for her. I need one myself!

Walk. Easily done without dogs, but extremely amusing with them. Springers; why walk when you can bounce?

Favourite mug: so many pottery mugs to choose from my growing collection, but this seventies one is current favourite, it holds a lot of coffee!

Own choice: How I’d like my Mothers Day breakfast tray to look tomorrow morning! Lots of elements from the photo hunt plus chocolate!


12 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. You clever clogs! Love it 😀 don’t forget to link up so others can find you and also be amazed ! I am impressed , thank you for joining in x


  2. Nice photos! the hat you crocheted is lovely. I like the photo of your candle and the books, it looks like a nice setup! I like the collage format you chose the photos look nice all together.


  3. Great idea to make a collage of your photos. I do have an iPad but find I prefer to use a digital camera and edit the photos on my PC. As for calling using a bread maker cheating, I disagree! For many years I have tried to make bread by hand and came to the conclusion that I can’t knead it well enough (might be because I got bored after a minute of hard work!). So a bread maker is wonderful and solves this problem for me. I do like the crochet hat (I am rarely without a hat!).


  4. Great you joined in with such a different take on the Hunt with a collage, which I have know idea how to do. Love your spaniels, which are my favourite dogs. Have a good week & take care.


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