We’ve been having a little break from DIY this week. M built a rustic bed base last week which turned out just perfect. There are still wardrobe doors to build and small jobs to finish. The weather has been far too good to waste indoors. Last minute work cancellations mean that M gets paid for staying at home or taking me out for coffee.

So today we drove through the Wolds again and I dragged M into a few charity shops in between coffee breaks. I picked up a few paperbacks and we found some amazing shirt bargains for M, three with the labels still attached and never worn and one as good as new. Even though we spent a considerable sum on business shirts in London this year it’s still fun to find four casual Marks and Spencer’s shirts for less than a tenner. M has ‘shirt blindness’ when it comes to distinguishing between a shirt suitable for going out to dinner in or one that is only suitable for wearing whilst painting walls so it’s never wise for him to have expensive casual shirts.

We had coffee in the Auction House Cafe. I really wanted to take some photo’s this time. They have reclaimed materials everywhere including amazing wood panelling along one wall. Unfortunately today there was a transvestite sipping coffee by that wall and I didn’t want it to look like I was being cruel by taking a photograph. I always feel as though I’d like to help when I see a man dressed as a woman who perhaps hasn’t done the best job with foundation or hair. Not that I’m an expert on either.

By far the best find of the day was yarn! I love seeing the bargains that other bloggers pick up so I thought I’d share my haul today. Each of those wound cakes of natural coloured yarn is 110g (strangely) so that’s nearly 900g yarn for £3. There was also a 30cm knitted square in the bag which I’m leaving unfrogged at the moment. It’s a clever stitch and might make a good back panel for a cushion.

I also found three 50g balls of Knoll chunky tweed yarn in blue for £1.50. Their original price was on the ball band at £3.70 a ball and I’ve worked with this yarn before. I made a hat with three balls of the mustard colour which is somewhere on my old blog. I’ve no idea what I’ll do with the blue version but I know something will come to mind eventually!

Finally I couldn’t resist a ball of Rowan Fine Tweed for 50p. Together with some existing supplies of this I’m trying to gather enough for a simple striped triangular scarf. I need new supplies like a hole in the head but it was a fun, cheap day out. We should really have focussed our energy on gardening but M insisted that it’s still too early to start cutting the grass.

The off white yarn fits a pattern I’ve bookmarked in one of my books for a child sized loopy waistcoat, a retro looking kind of thing. I know a nearly two year old who’d rock that look! Then again, a large bobbly crochet sheep would be great fun and nice and soft with this yarn too. Now where have I seen a pattern for one of those?


4 thoughts on “Haul

  1. excellent haul – well worth a jolly out 🙂 The coffee shop looks very interesting – I do love that style of part reclaimed, part rustic, part utilitarian – almost hipster 🙂


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