So what did I do on the warmest day of the year so far, a balmy twenty two degrees no less? I finished crocheting a double thickness woollen scarf of course! When M returned from work we had a good laugh about the irony of that and he said he would wear it to work tomorrow no matter what. I’ve since checked the weather and it looks as though this scarf will have to be carefully packed away in his chest of drawers for next winter, or perhaps chilly evenings when we start camping again, even with a snug and warm caravan M likes to sit out under the stars until it’s time to sleep.

I can’t wait until our teardrop trailer is ready to roll. The caravan is great for a week or longer holidays but it’s big and we have to carefully consider where to take it. M used to favour an awning the size of a house with its millions of poles and the need for four strong men to put it up if there was a slight breeze. I talked him into buying a quick porch awning which is like a tunnel tent and takes ten minutes to put up and another ten minutes for M to meticulously bang all the pegs in to anchor it. Even so we sometimes find that caravanning is quite a bit of work. One day we will trade the caravan in for a small campervan but in the meantime the teardrop trailer will give us the facilities we need for day and weekend trips. It fits nicely with my view that the simplest days out are the best ones and for that a simple stove, moka pot and tin mugs are top of the list. I have visions of long walks on the beach, coffee, a picnic lunch and afternoon naps or reading with the sea breeze wafting through the teardrop.

E took her class on a school outing today that involved a trek, a campfire and a bulk buy of sausages. With a dirt smudged face and huge smile, one little boy announced it was the best day of his life! Isn’t that just wonderful? At six years old with not a single iPad in sight he really did ‘get it’. I had days like that when I was a child and that kind of feeling stayed with me for life. I hope it does for him too.

The dogs drank a generous amount of puddle and ditch water today. It was hot but we had a day or two of torrential rain earlier in the week so there were plenty of opportunities for getting muddy. Harvey in particular understands the benefits of lying down in puddles. That bark photograph was taken without my macro lens, isn’t it something? It’s a very old horse chestnut with lots of big sticky buds just appearing on the branches.

Regardless of the weather I am glad the scarf is finished. It’s a stitch M can wear without it being so obviously a handmade crochet scarf. I feared messing it up with dodgy tassels but I learnt how to do those quickly and easily when I did my first proper weaving so that helped. The grey wool is a similar composition to the patterned yarn and when held next to the grey in the scarf is an almost exact match. It’s yarn I had leftover after a spell of making Toft Menagerie animals a while back. It was good to use that up.

We deliberated on the length and came to the conclusion that M would prefer to wrap it once round, cross the ends over and and then tuck it into his coat or jacket, and because it’s double thickness anyway, it doesn’t really need that extra wrap round the neck. So it’s a tad shorter than your average scarf but it works well for M. We didn’t exactly check the price of this yarn when we bought it in Wales and it turns out it was fairly expensive (£9.60 a ball) but the two balls have made a really warm colourful scarf (M loves bright colours) and it was luxurious to work with. It still didn’t cost as much as the lovely Italian scarf we bought somewhere in Italy which M left at a cricket match never to be seen again. I’m hoping this one lasts longer!


2 thoughts on “Scarf

  1. I love the scarf and I love camping! Sounds like you have many wonderful adventures ahead of you. Perhaps you can use the scarf as a caravan banner or flag? Hang it atop one of the awning posts like a Standard for your mobile castle! 😀


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