I had the wool well and truly pulled over my eyes on April Fools Day. The cheeky chest infection I thought had gone came back with a vengeance. Turns out it is viral which seems to mean just sitting it out, again. Last week I felt a bit rubbish but managed to mow the jungle of a back garden. Afterwards I felt as though I’d run the Lincoln Half Marathon. Sounded a bit croaky by Friday. Had a duvet day Saturday. Can’t even remember Sunday and today I sound like a sea lion being strangled. I feel like a sea lion being strangled.

No-one wants to hear about this but I can’t help being rather perplexed that it came back. Usually we get things, get better and that’s that for another season at least. The house resembles a small pharmacy and today, after advice from the nurse at the drop in place we added Olbas Oil, Vicks and more painkillers to the supplies. She also suggested ice cream which I was happy enough to try. Shame I didn’t get a sticker too!

I’ve been adding more rows to E’s Hufflepuff scarf. It’s still as boring as it was before but it’s nice yarn to work with and will be done some time before next winter. I had an idea for a new project using up yarn from my dk shelves so I’ve been experimenting with stitches and colours for that. I’m still undecided about whether I’ve hit the right combination and if I have, is it worth the zillion ends that will need weaving in? No, probably not. More design thinking needed.

At some stage last week, with crochet concentration levels low I browsed the internet for a winder that would tackle my small collection of wool in skeins. This yarn swift, stored in my wish list happened to come down in price by £12 and no longer had the dubious question of u.s. postal charges hanging over it, so I decided to give it a go. It arrived in record time and was easy to put together. I’ve never used one before so I didn’t have a clue whether it would be helpful or not but I did think it would be simpler to use than the umbrella type. Wow! It’s absolutely excellent and works even better than M sitting there with the skein draped over his hands! I’ve wound five 100g skeins in no time at all. Two are Jacob’s sheep undyed yarn in light grey and the other three are an alpaca/wool mix in Camel, Mink and Oatmeal. I have a project in mind for the latter but will stick with my wip attack first.

I’m still fascinated with my macro phone camera lens gadget. The daffodil centre above is from one of those white varieties that I rescued from the back garden before mowing. We’ve had quite a good year for snowdrops, daffodils, crocuses and tulips all planted by the previous owners but quite a few get mashed by the dogs. You can see the wiggly path they take in worn down grass when they run from the back door, all the way up through the garden, round the bonfire and to the fields, with an assortment of old slippers and tennis balls left by the fence before they hop over and go exploring. We are very lucky that these two stick to just the first field and always come back. Our big black Labrador/Setter cross was not so good at returning and once or twice came home in the boot of someone’s car. Always a tad embarrassing! Since it was me that introduced M to Springers I always say that it’s because they are more intelligent that they come back but in truth it’s probably pot luck. There are several other Springer’s in the village and their owners frequently have search parties out for them!

So the swift was fun and I highly recommend them. Of course M took one look at it and scoffed at the price of £35 for a few sticks of wood. I suggested he made one and if it turned out well he could sell them on etsy but he muttered something about a day job and a teardrop trailer to build. I know how he feels, so many crochet possibilities and only so many hours in the day. The only other kind of swift I’d like is for this viral thing to move swiftly on!


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