The beautiful sunshine through the bedroom windows was very brief this morning. I could absolutely tell that there were grey clouds up there as well as sunshine before I even looked. It was that kind of light. Moody. I shall miss those temporary window panels when we eventually get round to ordering blackout strength white blinds. They throw a nice soft light into the room but they are not long or wide enough. Somehow all the overdue jobs seem magnified now that I’m temporarily slowed down with this viral nuisance bug, that’s the printable version of what I’m calling it anyway!

Today J and I were due some serious peace and quiet with the two more outgoing (noisy) members of the family elsewhere for several nights. In fact it became nothing more than a peaceful afternoon following M’s notice of cancellation as he was heading towards the M25. I no longer have the sofa or television to myself but I’m not complaining. M is under strict instructions to speak a little more quietly than usual and make cups of tea very often. He’s doing well with the tea.

I decided to go ahead with the stash busting project despite the number of ends that will need dealing with. I’m winging a baggy jumper much the same as the charcoal grey one I made http://simplenaturalhandmade.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/baking-and-baggy-jumpers.html but this time without a pattern. I’m using a favourite jumper as a guide for sizing. I’ll probably make two T shaped panels this time and then taper the sleeves with a sort of cuff once it’s sewn up. Like I said, I’m winging it.

The grey jumper is much thicker and warmer but this stash busting version uses dk which will give it better drape. It’s already feeling lovely and squishy, helped along by using a hook two sizes bigger than recommended for the average dk yarn. Initially I swatched the linen stitch with just the colourful yarn but it was really just too much colour for my taste. I had doubts about the brightness of this combination but if I hate it I have someone in mind who will probably like it, if only for music festivals this summer. Talking of which, oh boy are there some fabulous vintage crochet cardigan patterns out there! I’m just hoping E will be willing to embrace the hippy festival look. Last year she was wet and cold and very glad of a £5 Oxfam wool fisherman’s jumper even if it did pong a bit when it got wet.

My faithful four legged guardian has been by my side all day. I sometimes feel obliged to stay in one place just so that he doesn’t have to pace up and down after me. I’m not the sitting still sort even when I’m ill so he trots back and forth to see where I might settle whilst Harvey, who is the same age as Riley but always seems like a wise old man in comparison, reclines comfortably on a dog bed and only seeks my company when I sit down and get on with some crochet. Proof that dogs (well these two anyway) only listen to the tone of your voice was in my attempt to say ‘walkies’ this morning. The best I could do was a a deep croak and instead of doing their victory dance they just looked at me as if I’d said ‘I’m swapping the two of you for cats!’


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