I thought it was about time to share some photo’s of our teardrop trailer project. Although they are for sale in the U.K. and there are events dedicated to them they really aren’t as well known as they obviously are in Canada and the USA. M is attracting lots of questions from people walking by with dogs or letters for the post box. He’s even got a regular who must somehow spot that he’s got the covers off and tools out and casually saunters by to see the latest progress! None of these passers by had ever heard of a teardrop trailer.

It doesn’t look like much at the moment (just don’t tell M I said that!) but once it is clad with thin aluminium sheeting it will begin to look like the real thing. An awful lot of research has gone into getting it this far. Just the size alone was something we pondered over for a long time. I think it is fair to say that M is doing all of the practical stuff and I am providing the brains. I know that sounds immodest but it’s often more to do with simplifying his construction ideas rather than coming up with anything clever. Like today for instance M was about to create various wooden pieces to raise the stove within its ‘drawer’ because he couldn’t lose any height from the sides. I suggested moving the floor up an inch or two instead. He’s ever so slowly and begrudgingly allowing me to make suggestions. This will definitely be a blood, sweat and tears type project but hopefully well worth it.

We bought the American style camping fridge last year in an end of season sale. I’m sure there is some interesting technical stuff to tell you but the truth is, that was six months ago and I’ve forgotten what was so clever about it! Probably that it can run on different power sources. I’ll have to save that for a future post. It was nice to finally get it out of the box and have a proper look at it in situ today. Both the stove and the fridge will eventually slide forward when in use and bolt back to the ‘in transit’ positions when we’re on the move. The layout for the ‘galley’ will be similar to one we found on the internet that just seemed to make the most sense to us. I didn’t want an overly fussy one, just plain and functional. I’m looking forward to the confines of only taking what is absolutely essential. With the caravan being so large we tend to just chuck things in ‘just in case’. With the teardrop I want to experience the minimalist approach to camping!

So with M tackling tricky wood work outside on his unexpected day off today (there seem to be a lot of these lately), I decided I could finally face the sewing up of the ‘Last Dance on the Beach’ blanket. Once I had drawn a quick scribble to remind me which weeks belonged to which squares I was able to lay it out according to the suggested plan. With ten squares still to do there were a lot of gaps but I have managed to sew together eight squares as part of the first vertical join. I’ve never really needed to join squares before so it seemed a bit strange and awkward at first but now I can see how time saving it will be. I’m now left with quickly running up a missing square as and when I come up against a gap. This will be less boring than churning out four of one square I reckon. I’m obviously easily bored!

Two things have occurred to me so far. One is that I’m not really sure about these colours anymore but I’m hoping the choice of grey as a joining and border colour will help. I will probably love it more when it’s finished. Secondly that it could really do with being a bit bigger. I think it will still be useful as a blanket for the teardrop though. Without heating in there we will need all the warmth we can get!


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