It’ll be Murphy’s law that by the time we actually need M to have some official time off for a holiday he’ll be working ridiculously long hours. In theory it sounds good being self employed but in practice we can’t plan anything much ahead. Today and the next few days will be cancellations again. He may still be called away at the last minute to cover those cancellation slots or for short notice police interviews. For now though he is working steadily on the teardrop trailer while he can.

As project manager (when I’m allowed to be) I insist on discussing the progress over a proper cup of coffee. There have to be some perks! During today’s ‘meeting’ I tried to be gentle when I mentioned the lack of a rebate for the part that comes down over the galley. While M was pondering that I bravely ventured that I didn’t think there was enough footwell space inside if you take into account the depth of a basic mattress. I must have caught M on a particularly good day because he took these potential problems quite well, with only a few dozen swear words mainly directed at himself.

So M spent most of today removing the galley fittings and moving them up quite a bit and backwards a little. I didn’t win the argument about how much to raise the galley unfortunately and I have a feeling I will need a stepladder to reach into the fridge but as M pointed out, I’m not likely to be the one who uses it most. It’s true he cooks most of the time but he seems to have forgotten that he was building this teardrop for me to use exclusively during the cricket season! I love watching J play cricket but he plays so many matches from April through to September that I sometimes need time out.

I’ve been such a dedicated cricket mum that I’ve had to suffer all kinds of nasty sub standard cricket pavilion facilities. Most are very nice but one horror comes to mind where there was only one toilet for twenty four players, assorted Dads, catering volunteers and me. Not only that but it was within the men’s changing rooms and it didn’t have a lock. I took one look and tried very hard not to cry! It hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time so I calmly told M that I probably needed to seek alternative arrangements! Thankfully he’s the sort to ask anyone for any kind of help without a shred of awkwardness or embarrassment (unlike me) and so I was able to use the relatively luxury facilities of the bowls club next door for the day! When a new cricket venue comes up I now google the club and make sure that the pavilion is not a run down portakabin. If it is I leave the men to it.

Remember the photo from a previous post with the fridge box and stove looking strangely positioned? Well the latest photo above will make much more sense now. It shows how both appliances will slide out on a drawer base. With just the stove pulled out and locked into position we will have an L shaped cooking space. The other spaces are cupboards and the hole in the worktop will have a lid for access to storage below. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before the photo’s start to look a bit more exciting!

I mainly found excuses to be indoors more than outside helping M today. We’ve gone from heat wave to pretty darn chilly in 24 hours. The BBC were spot on when they said it would be coat weather again by Monday. I popped Riley on an old sheet on the kitchen island this morning. He’s used to staying down below in his bed and looking smugly up at Harvey having his hair cut. I decided he was looking a bit girly after seeing that photo of his long ears I posted yesterday. He had quite a few wispy bits too and some long fluff where his leg fronds were supposed to be, they just gather thistle heads so I used the electric clippers to tidy those up a bit. For some reason they both expected a bonio as a reward for just Riley having a trim. Weird.

After walks and housework and laundry (yawn) I managed to squeeze in some crochet time. I finished two more squares. I’ll be so glad when those last two are also finished. I’m itching to see how it feels as a blanket, whether it feels solid enough, warm, whether I can live with all that detail and pattern! All the online woolly people now have a big choice in colour and blanket packs. I’d think very carefully before jumping in with another project like this though. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I stopped knitting and finally got the hang of crochet but I do know it’s been years and I’m still learning with each project that I do.


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