M: shall we go and ponder teardrop electrics over a flat white?

Me: um, well we could, on the other hand, I’d rather not

M: you don’t fancy coffee?

Me: I don’t fancy pondering electrics

M: but I need to run this stuff by you

Me: I don’t know anything about stupid electrics, you might as well be talking in German

M: well shall we go and have a stupid coffee anyway?

Me: and you promise not to talk stupid electrics?

M: well…

Me: ’cause that would be stupid wouldn’t it?

Little voice from across the hall: Dad?

M: yeah?

Little voice from across the hall: you’re stupid!

M: thanks Jake!
Conversation witnessed in coffee shop (whilst amusing myself and not pondering electrics):

Husband: (upon seeing wife arrive with tray of hot chocolate piled high with cream) what’s that then?

Wife: posh choclit innit

Husband: you’ve gone all posh now then have ya?

Wife: I ain’t never gonna be posh

Husband: true.

Wife: these plants are plastic

Husband: (feels fake foliage) I don’t blame ’em, easier innit?

Wife: still gotta dust ’em

Husband: true. You got a fiver on ya?

Wife: what do you wanna fiver for?

Husband: I wanna go and buy my numbers don’t I?

Wife: you’re never gonna win the lottery

Husband: yeah, but I can die trying can’t I?

Wife: true!

There were many more mini conversations like this between these two, each ending with a ‘true’. So philosophical! Being able to lipread certainly has its upside, it’s my superpower! 😉

I’m something like eight rows into the fourteen row border for this crochet blanket. I love the look of the linen stitch and it’s lying nicely flat for most of it. Some squares could probably have done with being a tad smaller. I kind of ignored any slight anomalies when I was making the squares in the hope that the patchwork nature of things would be forgiving. It might block out, it might not but it’s unlikely to be a blanket spread out flat on a bed anyway. It’s not really big enough for our king size bed and we use other crochet blankets for keeping snug in the winter whilst watching tv in the evenings.

I’d rather be crocheting all day but I’ve been doing spring cleaning and overdue jobs like sorting out my unruly collection of mugs (a small quantity has been relegated to the charity bag). I’ve also relieved my large spider plant of some of its little ‘sprouters’. I’ve no idea what they are called. I picked them off carefully, put them to one side, potted up some random pots with soil and then couldn’t locate my new tub of hormone rooting powder anywhere. So I’ve planted them anyway and will have to wait and see whether they take or not. If it works we will soon be overrun with them!


3 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. I find snippets of conversation intriguing, they have no beginning and no ending. As a child I knew that plant as ‘hen and chicks ‘ so the sproutlings were called chicks. They take easily with out rooting powder, I just put them in water. I am fascinated by the linen stitch. I think I need to investigate!


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