So how did we get from two little cutie pies running round their grandparent’s garden with baskets, hunting for chocolate eggs to one almost grown up teenager who doesn’t like his photo being taken anymore and one grown up teenager sipping prosecco before our family Easter Sunday roast?

It was so nice to have a get together at Mum and Dad’s for Easter. Mum made an amazing Sunday dinner and I must admit that after a g&t and a couple of glasses of prosecco I was feeling pretty cheerful! I never know quite whether M’s disapproving looks are because he’s the designated driver or some kind of bad experience with alcohol in his past. I must offer to drive more often! We had plans to sit in their lovely garden, sipping wine or just walking up and down on Dad’s carpet like lawn (ours is more cow parsley than grass!) but alas the weather had other ideas and we had to settle for lighting the wood burner instead.

Today it was business as usual with a quick trip to ScrewFix. It made a nice change from B&Q but the lure wasn’t quite strong enough so I ventured into a new to us store next door, a sort of bargain place that sells pretty much everything including food, toiletries, home decor, gardening and diy. I think it’s my new favourite shop. I found a ceramic travel coffee mug with a phrase that matches my framed postcard and a cotton tote that I bought last year. It’s also the title of an excellent song by the Super Furry Animals that I play very loudly when the mood strikes!

M came home and laid out all his electrical parts alongside his special new electrical tool, studied his circuit diagrams some more and then set about drilling holes for wires, fitting the fuse box, fitting wires for lighting and so on. I think he’s quite pleased with himself. Whether or not the whole thing blows up is another matter! Having had my first car burn to the ground due to an electrical fault I’m not taking any chances with this so we will be having the whole system signed off by a proper auto electrician.

In between hoovering, laundry, dog walking and ahem, eating chocolate eggs, I started a bobble square using the same technique as the heart square in the Last Dance CAL. E really likes the heart square but she also really likes anything cactus related. She started collecting the plants long before you could buy anything with a cactus on it. It was E’s idea to try the design out in cotton so that she can use it as a wash cloth. I made a whole batch of diagonal rib wash cloths last year and they have been in constant use since everyone discovered they actually work as face cloths! I made the cactus bobble square up using an aran weight cotton that was a charity shop buy for 50p. It was a new ball complete with band and it looks like I’ll be able to make a second one too.

I’m not making any promises with a deadline but we’ve discussed the possibilities of using this square as part of a blanket design.  I’d like to go ‘desert’ and just stick to cacti and desert colours but E is imagining pink cactus flowers and the heart bobble square too so I will be totally out of my comfort zone with this one (flowers and pink!) but I can see it working somehow (especially if we lose the hearts!).


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