Taking part in K’s last photo scavenger hunt was fun. I thought I’d join in again. When I first started blogging I seem to remember doing a monthly mosaic for all of, er, two or three months. I’m easily distracted! It’s a nice way to look back on what has been achieved or taken place. So here we go…

(The large photo at the top is for number 9, ‘R’. The rest are in order from left to right.)

1. New: never give your dogs an old slipper each to play with, they will think that any footwear is up for grabs. When I like something I stick to it and it was tricky trying to find these Birkenstock Bostons again so they are kept on the top shelf of the shoe rack at night now.

2. Rust: close up rust on one of M’s work trestles, as I was casually wandering around with my phone macro lens, as you do.

3. Box: why on earth are Amazon still over packaging? Grrrr.

4. Ingredients: my mission in life is to stop M buying twenty ingredients every time he gets the urge to cook something ‘tasty’. So I offer up any recipe I can find with less than six. This is pea and macaroni, peas, macaroni, Parmesan, basil and olive oil. It’s yum!

5. D: dogs, always dogs. Hard work, demanding, loyal, playful, muddy, naughty, wet, stinky, hairy, expensive, noisy, funny, loving, companionable, protective, amusing, photogenic.

6. Mechanical: my new yarn swift is about as mechanical as I like it these days. Simple, wooden, easy to fix when it goes wrong.

7. Seasonal: cricket season is here once more. Now that J is 6’3 and 16 I am not allowed to do the embarrassing Mum with a camera routine so this snap is from about six years ago when he still had lovely wavy blonde hair (ha, who says I can’t still be embarrassing?!).

8. Recently finished: never thought I’d get there but very pleased that I did, one finished Last Dance on the Beach blanket!

9. R: Riley. Sometimes the best things in life are purely by chance. E saw a Facebook post from someone at her school wanting to rehome a four year old Springer. A few of her friends said, you’ve got a Springer, what difference would one more make? I did the sensible responsible adult for, oo, five minutes maybe and then said, quick, let’s go and see him. Whereas Harvey is loving, playful and loves fetching, Riley is completely nuts in every way.

10. Own: coffee, we have been lucky enough recently to start most days with a freshly brewed coffee in one of several favourite local coffee places. We chat, I often look at the back of his phone and want to throw it in the nearest canal, we chat some more, we watch people going by, we often do crosswords, we have been known to play backgammon, but mostly we just savour the coffee.


Thanks K!


13 thoughts on “April

  1. So glad you joined in again, I love your mosaics! I also enjoy the snippets of stories and tales that go with them, thank you for sharing ☺


  2. Another set of very interesting photos. It’s like a glimpse into someone’s life, so different to mine but interesting. Your beach blanket looks lovely and it’s my favourite photo. I agree, thank goodness for crochet!


    • Thank you Lovely Lady (great online name!). When I go about my day to day stuff it all seems dull and ordinary but it’s nice to capture the ordinary stuff sometimes… and then there’s crochet talk! Not dull at all!


  3. Great selection & love how you do the montage. I couldn’t seem to get your blog up, but K’s last link let me see. Well done. Love the doggy ones & all your info snippets. Enjoyed hearing about your 6’3″ son, as my hubby is that tall & when we saw our then 15 yr-old grandson in UK last year, he was already taller than Pop. Scary! The crochet is lovely & I’m looking for a new crochet project now that winter is on its way, though I actually think it is here, being only 2deg this morning as I type this. Thanks for joining in & take care.


    • Thanks for your lovely comments. I do feel very small these days when I stand next to my son but it’s also funny when he stands next to my Dad and Brother who I always considered to be ‘tall’. We are on the verge of summer but it doesn’t feel like it, cool and windy. Definitely crochet blanket making weather!


  4. Beautiful photos – R is just gorgeous and your crochet blanket is stunning. I’m considering knitting a blanket this year – keep putting it off in favour of smaller projects … yours looks so good I might be tempted.


    • Thank you Fil, I must admit I’m not great at sticking with the larger projects like blankets, it helped that this one was modular I guess. Having said that, I’ve started another and I’m squeezing in lots of smaller projects in between!


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