Life has returned to a rather dull monotony since our family get together last weekend. I’m happy to take monotony over and above silly arguments over the bathroom or the volume of music or who ate all the strawberries! We had a small drama with E. In fact she is a series of small dramas, the latest of which involved a lost rail ticket, a lost credit card and a student rail card left behind at home. The card turned up but too late to tell the bank not to cancel it after all. The ticket didn’t turn up and guess what, despite having an email proof of purchase and payment you cannot be issued with a replacement or travel without buying a new one. Nor can your Dad buy you a ticket to be collected at the station you are stranded at unless you have a valid card of some description even if it was his that paid for it. They certainly don’t make it easy to rescue your child from a station late on a bank holiday Monday. Needless to say she has learned a valuable lesson, i.e. when you lose your rail ticket your Dad has to do a three hour round trip to pick you up.

I’ve been on a quest to find a coffee that I really enjoy. I’ll drink most teas and most coffee but the latter usually tastes better from a cafe. As a result of all my trials and experiements I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s Italian coffee I like, strength four, which even tastes good in espresso form. So, a packet of that will be coming with us on our first teardrop trailer outing. Progress on the trailer hasn’t been very visually exciting. It’s all cables and varnishing at the moment. The inside shell has been varnished with a matt sealant which is giving off a subtle sheen. We took a trip out towards Nottingham to pick up a storm or hurricane hinge. It’s a special leak proof whopper of a hinge for the hatch that comes down over the kitchen or galley. Since I threw in the towel (threatened to move to Sussex) with M’s recent moodiness he seems to have improved hugely. Rather than his usual ‘must get back to the trailer’ inflexibility he actually suggested stopping off at nearby Bingham on the way home from the trailer place for a coffee. It seems to be a lovely little town full of old cottages and buildings. Just off the market square we found a cafe called The Picture Cafe which served great coffee. It has the kind of decor we like, lots of wood, zinc, chalk boards, upcycled bits and bobs. It was too busy to sneak a photo, though I wish I had. I didn’t have to look at the back of his phone too much either, he really is a funny person to chat to when he’s not being a twit.

Harvey does seem to be a little improved now that he’s been on his anti inflammatory painkillers for a short while. If I feel he is suffering too much I will let him have his usual run around the fields at the end of the garden but don’t take him on our long rambles. I have to be similarly careful with my damaged knee so it makes sense that I shouldn’t expect him to run miles every day and not suffer. Riley hasn’t batted an eyelid over Harvey’s absence on one or two walks nor has he stayed closer to me than usual so it’s clearly every man for himself wth these two. He does visibly enjoy the competitiveness of walks with Harvey though, they tear off like greyhounds side by side.

My knee didn’t take too kindly to lugging a petrol mower up and down our long garden yesterday. The lawn is very uneven, full of twigs and cow parsley and has sides that slope down towards a stream. I did the edges by mowing at a right angle to them, otherwise it’s easy to lose the mower down the bank. It is not a knee friendly activity. J might be earning some extra pocket money this year, though after asking him not to jetwash anything other than the deck and then finding that he’d jetwashed everything in sight I’m not too sure I want to let him loose with a petrol mower. At least it looks like someone lives here now instead of the wildflower and cow parsley experiment that was there before I mowed!

I felt I’d earned a Sunday morning lie in today (the bathroom also got a spring clean yesterday!) but my body clock seems set far too early and once you’re awake, you’re awake. I’m not normally an early riser but with a hot tea, books, magazines and a notepad I did the next best thing; had an hour in bed planning future crochet projects. Riley wasn’t far away of course, curled up on the floor by my side of the bed. Harvey prefers to stay in his own comfy bed by the radiator and a view of the back door in case someone should want to go for a w a l k or go out into the garden and throw a s t i c k! Ssh, don’t mention those words out loud.

So, as a result of my Sunday morning in bed I think a crochet bag might be on the cards. I’m hoping that the combination of a denim yarn and a slightly coarse pure undyed wool will mean I don’t have to consider a lining. I’ve been itching to use both of these yarns since I bought them and although I have a few wips this might just be another of those slight detours that doesn’t take too long and leaves me focussed for the longer projects. That’s the theory anyway. I’ll start working up the front panel and see how it looks and feels. If it’s pants to both then it’s back to the drawing board!


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