Turns out that Sunday morning ‘lie in’ with my crochet books, magazines, tea and little helper by my side was very productive. There was a vague idea of making something with my coarse jacob’s wool. When I bought it I thought it might end up being a bag but I didn’t want too much brown going on. Paired up with the denim and in bag form it just reminds me of jute so I’m happy with the combination. It’s also less scratchy on the hands with every two rows being worked in the incredibly soft denim cotton. I did have to switch from the wooden hook I was using to one with a smoother head, the yarns are both very splitty.

The first panel flew off the hook so to speak. I think it was the novelty of doing catherine wheel stitch for the first time. Why didn’t anyone tell me how satisfying it is to pull yarn through seven, yes seven, loops on the hook!? Not to mention how nice that looks once it’s all gathered up like a fan. I must admit I have shied away from this stitch for all this time simply because there’s a vague hint of flowery girly stuff. I think in these colours I’m safe! This is a crochet tote I’d be happy to be seen in public with.

Instead of working up the second panel I’m making the gusset and bag strap in denim next. It’s about 190cm long so it’s rather tedious but it’s given me a glimpse of the finished item so that’s helping. It may well need a lining but I’m shoving that thought to the back of my mind. I’ve got a dark grey cotton tote somewhere that might be close in size and if I’m feeling particularly determined I could sew that in by hand.

The pattern is in the book ‘Geek Chic Crochet’ by Nicki Trench. There’s a flower on the book version but of course that’s optional and not really me. I like the idea of making one or two more of these for gifts, especially now that it’s the norm to take along your own bags when shopping.

We’ve noticed a definite improvement in Harvey since he started taking his tablets. I tried him out with our usual long walks two days in a row and his limp was so much less than previously. He seems to completely forget about his dodgy shoulder when we arrive at the walk but once home he has developed a sideways jump out of the boot that doesn’t put so much pressure on that side. He’s adapting!

Meanwhile Riley is also making his presence known. He has discovered that if he jumps on our bedroom door handle, the handle goes down and the door miraculously opens. This means I’ve been waking up to his curled up little body on the rug along with a collection of shoes and socks. Thankfully no chewed up offerings but M’s sock was rather soggy. He also appears to be very grateful that I put the spare cushions down beside the bed overnight!


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