Becoming a tourist in your own town sometimes helps when you’ve ended up living in a place you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen. M is very understanding when I harp on about trying new things, exploring new places and not settling for repetition or monotony. He would be so happy with a daily routine involving the same coffee in the same cafe with the same newspaper but alas, he met me, and I like to shake it up a bit.

So this morning, with M unexpectedly back from a London court case early I dragged him down to Lincoln’s Brayford Pool, the riverside area with lots of places to eat and drink, boat trips, university buildings and quite a big population of swans. It was very dull and overcast so it wasn’t exactly photo opportunity weather. There’s a tired old narrow boat to the left of the photo that I’d love to buy and do up, and live on, perhaps sail away and moor elsewhere first!

We had a riverside coffee for a change of scene and the coffee wasn’t so good, which didn’t help my cause for trying new places. It did necessitate a walk into town along the river and up the steep narrow steps to the side of the building also pictured above. Once you appear at the top of those steps you are in a high street much like any other. From the high street side of this building you can enter a wonderfully old cafe which we call High Bridge Cafe. The bridge is called High Bridge and dates back to 1160 apparently. It’s claim to fame is that it’s the only medieval Bridge in England which still has houses on it. The cafe building dates from 1540 and is exactly as you’d expect inside with lots of beams, low doors, wonky wooden floors and those lovely Tudor window panes.

I left M enjoying a better coffee whilst quickly picking up a couple of balls of a certain yellow yarn to start another of these slouchy catherine wheel stitch bags. I’m really pleased with the way this denim and grey version turned out. I initially thought that the undyed jacob’s yarn was brown but in good light it does seem to be grey and the ball band describes it as light grey. The two yarns have worked nicely together in terms of making a comfortable yet sturdy bag fabric. I used the cotton denim yarn for the gusset and strap for softness rather than the grey yarn which would have been as itchy as hell. I think I might get away with leaving it unlined for now, though I have bought a magnetic fastening about the size of a 5 pence piece (or one u.s. cent) and ideally this would be clipped into place through the lining so that it doesn’t show from the outside. I could add a round of webbing just inside, like a band of something denim maybe, or I could just live without the fastening. I need to road test the bag!

I’ve already made a start on a yellow/grey version using the same jacob’s yarn but with a pure wool yellow I managed to find today. It’s a much more subtle colour combination but I think it’ll work. E left a hint on Instagram about me making the bag in these colours so I’m more than happy to oblige. She hasn’t gone away to university yet and we are already communicating by phone whilst under the same roof! I don’t usually like making more than one of anything but the catherine wheel stitch is a very satisfying one and works well with Netflix for company. I’m currently working my way through The Killing series two. Yes I know it’s old news but luckily I haven’t heard any spoilers. I’ve also clearly forgiven the Danes for killing off an innocent Springer Spaniel in The Hunt!

Talking of which, the boys have had a bit of a lover’s tiff. It’s funny that they do this from time to time and we’ve no idea what sets it off. Harvey is so passive but I suspect even he has his limits and he seems to be trying to put Riley back in his place. He stands in a bit of a threatening way and does a low grumble which makes Riley walk sideways on tiptoes. It’s a bit like two peacocks trying to outdo each other. It’ll probably take a few days before they are best buddies again and nipping at each other’s ankles and play wrestling on the carpet.

Clearly one riverside coffee and a stroll up to High Bridge was enough pretend tourism for M for one day but we both agree that a proper break is long overdue. We’ve usually done a shepherd’s hut stay by now at the very least. We did have a short trip to Wales tagged on to a business trip but that was very brief. Several things have got in the way not least a whole series of coughs and colds and bugs and viruses. J has had the worst of it with a nasty persistent chest infection. He’s now in better shape and taking gcse exams over the next few weeks so I’m on standby with brain food and proper lunches. When I say brain food I just mean fruit/yoghurt smoothies which we both agreed would be useful vitamins during this exam period! J being J this means that I cut up all the fruit, he eats a lot of it before it reaches the blender, then he wrecks my carefully thought out and balanced flavour combinations and then finally declares it a big success because ‘he made it’. He’ll go far.


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