I don’t feel a bit guilty that the dogs got sent out in the pouring rain today to trot round the fields without supervision. Well ok maybe a little bit guilty. They came back looking like drowned rats but soon dried off on warm towels and with a warm bubbly foot bath which they both absolutely love and fully cooperate with by holding up each paw in turn (they are poodles at heart) they were soon able to roam freely throughout the house and keep us company.

It is absolutely bucketing down here today. M and I nipped out for a quick flat white giving J time to revise in peace before his first exam. Technically M should be in London all this week but court cases are notorious for last minute changes and he particularly hates the whole London scene. If he travels each day it is very tiring and he hates being away from home if he stays down there. So today he got paid to drink coffee and do the Times crossword and didn’t moan too much about the weather preventing him from working on the teardrop trailer, well maybe just a few mentions.

It was M’s birthday this week too. As well as books on wooden spoon carving (on his wish list of things to learn how to do) we also bought him a copy of the well known book Cabin Porn. Let’s hope I don’t regret using that word in my blog, I know how WordPress matches readers to blogs. He was really impressed with the cricket print I found at an antique centre and it’s hanging by his side of the bed for now. Talking of art, J always creates a masterpiece for family birthdays which involve superimposing our heads on to other bodies. This year M has become a slimline Manchester United supporter. It’s so convincing it’s funny.

Less romantically I secretly bought him a rather swish (and flipping expensive) three tier toolbox on wheels that he kept examining every time we went to B&Q. I don’t think it’s very practical because it’s heavy enough when it’s empty so goodness knows how it’ll be moved, wheels or not, when it’s full. He’s like a kid with a new toy though so as long as he’s happy.

It’s dark, wet and flooding our local roads so I’ll be happy when E is home from work and J home from school. The heating is on already, candles are lit. I’ve reached the end of The Killing and Netflix has helpfully suggested another foreign thriller type thing, this time in Iceland. It makes no difference to me whether a series is in English or Danish or whatever, I would still need subtitles to rely on. The only difference I’ve noticed with The Killing is that they seem to give much less away in terms of body language and facial expressions. That does make it a bit more challenging to solve before it’s over!

I’ve started E’s catherine wheel stitch slouch bag and I don’t care what the ball band says, this grey still looks brown to me! Oh well, I’m sticking to using up the jacob’s because it’s ideal for bags. Even though the yellow is extremely sunny and cheerful I swear I’d never touch anything bright if it wasn’t for requests. E certainly makes me think outside the box. I’ve realised that I could now just throw the required number of balls of yarn in a bag with a 4mm hook and start making a bag on holiday without the need for the pattern. Even though the gusset is more work than a bag made in the round I like the final shape it creates. This latest yellow version could be made in record time with all this rain happening!


2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Your Catherine wheel stitch looks so neat, great job 😊 The weather has been totally rubbish today, the children at my school didn’t go out to play at all do they were really fed up by the afternoon. I needed a cuppa when I got home!


    • Thanks MrsC! At the school where my daughter is working they had a movie afternoon with popcorn with the lights dimmed like a cinema. E said it made her feel very sleepy! It was a nice idea for a rainy afternoon though.


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