Today was an extremely rare day with all four of us at home. Unusually J did not have a cricket match but does have plenty of revision to do instead. E is trying to avoid working both Saturday and Sundays at the children’s farm whilst also working Monday to Friday at school so she had today to catch up with herself and recharge her batteries. She has been coming home from school exhausted because, lets face it, a class of 26 six year olds is pretty full on! M wasn’t umpiring or scoring at one of J’s matches. So it was a lazy lie in kind of morning, not a long enough lie in for my liking but M is an early riser and he mentioned coffee so I was dressed and ready by nine a.m.

M and I tried a new coffee house locally, it’s half way up Steep Hill which is an absolute killer of a climb when you’ve got a dodgy knee (me) or a dodgy hip (M). The coffee was worth it, and breakfast of banana and peanut butter on cinnamon toast with seeds and honey was a nice change from the usual… even with M doing mock vomit gestures in the background because he really does not like peanut butter! How can you not like peanut butter?

The view from the bottom of Steep Hill up towards the cathedral makes the day look deceptively bright and sunny. By the time we got home and M had taken the covers off the teardrop trailer to do some work it was already beginning to turn a little grey. An hour or so later and he was back inside again expressing his ‘disappointment’ with the weather in a series of choice words.

So, there was really nothing for it but to embrace yet another rainy afternoon. Riley was totally up for it. I’m now on the home straight with the yellow bag gusset. Nearly two metres of double crochet is ideal for movie afternoons as it happens. We decided it was the perfect time for popcorn and a family viewing of Fantastic Beasts. I don’t know whether it was the New York theme that got us started but it also ended up being a good time to discuss one last family holiday before A Levels for J and University for E. I’m keen to explore somewhere new, they are all keen to return to Barcelona. I seem to be outvoted but I’m more than happy to go back to Barcelona.

Earlier in the week I had a delivery of some sale yarn. The postman decided to pop it down in front of our now redundant cat flap. We’ve had to tape it up because this new postman is terrified that a Springer Spaniel might be able to get his body through this small square and attack him. I’ve told him that there is physically no chance of either of their bellies getting through a seven inch square and that even if they did they’d only lick him to death but he said he’d refuse to leave any post at all if the cat flap was not secured. It’s been secure until this week when they both or perhaps just Harvey decided that he really didn’t like parcels being left so tantalisingly close. We came home to a rather chewed up cat flap and pieces of tape all over the hall floor. I knew something was up when they didn’t bark on hearing the key in the door. They appeared in the hall shaking their entire backsides like dogs do when they are feeling guilty but still want to seek forgiveness. It was such a pathetic sight it was hard to be cross.

At least my yarn remained intact. Had it been letterbox size I think it would have been a disaster. I had already had another of those ‘research’ sessions with books, magazines, the internet and a hunch that I wanted to make a wrap type scarf in something lightweight. A Drops yarn sale came to my attention including the very yarn I had researched and decided upon. As I was popping it into a spare basket to admire a certain someone was also admiring it and wondering what it would become. This same someone likes the plan very much. So on that basis plus the fact that she will be leaving home in September I think my next make will also be for E. If we get a peek of proper daylight tomorrow I will photograph the new yarn and share my plans. There’s nothing like getting stuck into a new project!


6 thoughts on “Together

  1. It sounds like a lovely relaxing day. I miss Steep Hill, I used to walk up and down it a lot. Even though we are only half an hour from Lincoln, we rarely go. We must take the children there though, so thanks for the inspiration. 😊


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