M and I have been taking a small picnic lunch to various scenic little spots locally. If there is water and it isn’t near the road we take Harvey and Riley too. Today though, this was our view (above) and due to the road, the ducks and number of passers by we left the dogs in J’s company at home. They’ve been paddling in our stream to cool off, in between helping me obliterate yet more nettle jungles. I’ve had just about enough of nettles now, I should probably try making nettle tea with this plentiful supply.

We introduce small amounts of colour to the garden every year. It has never seemed worth doing too much since most summers we attend so many cricket matches and aren’t around to appreciate it. This year J is concentrating on his exams and is turning down matches now and then. The dogs are also a bit destructive with plants and shrubs so pots have to be raised or guarded! I caught Riley nibbling a flower bud and after a short talking to I think he now understands!

I’ve dug out random old pots and containers from within those nettle patches and planted a few inexpensive plants in them. The best find was the long forgotten huge three handled terracotta pot which now has the Rhodanthemum growing in it. A rusty old bucket was ideal for a flowering plant that M liked the look of. We’ve also used an old wooden bucket with no bottom to give the illusion of a potted jasmine when in fact the roots will be able to grow straight into the ground and give it a much better chance of survival when we forget to water and feed it.

We might not be creating a smart and manicured look outside but I’m happier planting out these rusty vessels than I would be buying new ones and taking more stuff to the tip. I think the upcycled, rustic look outside reflects some of the upcycling we’ve done in the house too.

Now that I’ve done a few rows of the Tranquil Shawl I’m liking the fabric the pattern is creating. I’ve woven in the ends created so far and I’m feeling more hopeful that they will stay in. The alpaca yarn is a real treat to work with. I still feel a bit disappointed that it isn’t more continuous crocheting. It makes me want to make another and try working back down the rows with a series of chains or slip stitches or something just to make it more continuous. It would change the appearance but it would also prevent 134 ends!

It’s the most glorious summers evening here right now. It’s so good to feel the sun on my face. It’s quite nice to have two warm dogs lying on my feet too! They are never quite content with just being near, they like to be physically touching. It’s not surprising they are flat out and snoring, they’ve been puking up grass all day long. I think they may have ingested some of my rosemary clippings or something disagreeable along with the grass. Dogs… never a dull moment!


2 thoughts on “Warmth

    • Yes, we are lucky there are some lovely villages and countryside. With our own patch I have to ask myself, what do we want from our garden and the answer is just a pleasant place to sit in the summer. I might have to upcycle our parasol too this year! 🙄

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