It has been a blur of days this last week or so. The start of the good weather created a headless chicken kind of attitude round here as we went from one project to another. M continues to work on the teardrop trailer, I’ve been pottering in the garden with no passion or skill for it but as usual M likes to buy a few trays of things which need planting out. I’ve now exhausted all the pots and props to place them on, out of reach of two digging dogs. Time to sit back and see them all bloom and grow.

We’ve purchased a new parasol this year due to last year’s being left outside all winter and forgotten about. For now the old one provides extra shade in an area where we have a larger garden table and benches. I’ve discovered you can buy just the fabric part for these but they seem to cost almost as much as buying a whole new parasol so I may just fashion one with an old sheet and string. It doesn’t have to look like Homes and Gardens!

It was wonderful to have my Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle to visit for a few days (they stayed with my parents). It is such a trek from Sussex I must admit I was worried that the heat and the journey would tire my Grandfather out before he even arrived. On Friday we visited one of the small nature reserves on the banks of the Humber. The photo doesn’t show the curve of the visitor centre building very well but it’s a nice piece of architecture. That’s my Grandfather sitting on the deck with the white cap, reading the newspaper with a cold drink while we took a brief stroll round the reserve. Not so long ago he’d have been strolling round with us but now, in his 93rd year he’s finally admitting he is slowing down a little.

On Saturday we had a French style lunch in our garden. It was incredibly humid and a brief shower before they arrived didn’t cool things down at all. I was just thankful it stayed dry because food always tastes better outside! Against my better judgement we allowed the dogs to be sociable and roam freely. Harvey decided he would take the opportunity to impress the crowd with his bog monster impression. This involves going down the bank into the part of the stream which is just about running out of flowing water and trudging up and down in black slime searching for a branch liberally covered in black slime. I think his aim was to attract someone to play fetch with this branch, funnily enough he had no takers. He did, however, get a hosing down for his troubles.

Today there were nine of us for Sunday dinner at a local pub. It was rather idyllic with a flock of very young ducklings sunbathing with their Mother on the grass just outside the front door. Later a chicken strolled casually in but was quickly shooed out by the landlady. So the visit is over and I feel very heavy hearted. I think I need to start helping M build the teardrop so that I can take it down to Sussex over a period of days rather than trying to do it in one go. I’ve got a shoulder and neck problem that makes long distance driving rather painful. When I was younger I used to whizz all over the country and totally took for granted that I’d always have that kind of freedom.

It’s half term week here from Tuesday onwards. J will get a much needed break that comes exactly half way through his exams. It will mean he can sleep and revise in equal measures. E will be working some days at the children’s farm. Fingers crossed there might also be some caravanning happening. A small miracle needs to take place first since M has been using the caravan as a wood and teardrop trailer parts storage area.

I’ve had some brief slots of time outside with various crochet projects. I was getting a little tired of the pattern and the cutting and starting new rows business with the Tranquil shawl so I decided I needed a project to work alongside it. I probably wouldn’t have started a new project at all but for an email which featured one of the Crochet Project shawls that I’ve already seen everywhere but clicked to have a closer look on Ravelry. I realised that it would be perfect for the 150g colourwheel ball I bought the other week when I had a couple of hours to kill in Grimsby whilst M was working in court there. Summer clothing would have been a more useful undertaking but wool shops are so much more interesting!

It’s really handy that the Crochet Project give you the right kind of information before you purchase their patterns so that you can make an informed decision about the yarn you might use. The sample shawl they showed used 230g of dk yarn but it stated that 150g and up would be acceptable for a slightly smaller shawl. That told me that it’s the kind you can work until your yarn runs out without it spoiling the design, so this seemed perfect for these multi coloured balls.

The shawl is growing pretty quickly since I keep wanting to do just a few more rows to get to the next colour! It’s creating a lovely soft drapey fabric so far. It’s not as repetitive as the Tranquil shawl because there is a little bit of counting to do or at least a bit of concentration required. It is also the perfect project to fit into my round project bag and take wherever I might get a minute to work on it. I think I might try one of the other brands of multi tonal balls out there for a different look. I’ve recently bought the latest Scheepjes Yarn magazine and spotted their version, and there’s quite a few to choose from!


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