We are not impressed with June’s weather offerings so far! The warmth and sunshine was pushed aside by this relentless wind and rain. Riley has been most disturbed by the noise the galeforce wind has been making. We didn’t brave a proper walk today for various reasons but mainly because it was hard to stand up let alone walk! I did venture up the garden and into the fields with Harvey bounding off regardless and Riley looking rather sheepish beside me. Twigs and branches have totally covered the grass and will need a big clear up job before I can get the mower over it all.

The decision on whether nor not to order a new cover for our old parasol was dealt with last night when we woke to find the metal pole snapped clean in two and half way up the garden. Our new one is bravely standing up against the weather in its temporary sleeve. I’m sure other things will depart or arrive in the garden overnight.

With M away for a couple of days, E at work and J revising for exams I decided it was quiet enough to start a crochet project that required a little more concentration and effort. I hadn’t anticipated quite how worried Riley was about the wind so after the third time he climbed on top of the crochet to get on to my lap I decided to give in and try and reassure him everything was ok. Harvey seems fine with wind, storms, thunder and lightning but we’ve had him since he was a puppy so we have been able to teach him that it’s no big deal. After a nap on my lap Riley calmed down and I put some music on to drown out the wind a bit. Acoustically I have no idea whether this worked but Riley settled next to me rather than on my lap so it must have helped.

The project I’ve started is called Unfold and is in the PomPom magazine edition I bought way back last February whilst in Brighton for a visit. It came with a free digital version which I’ve found really useful. I must admit I liked the look of this cowl last year but thought it was just out of reach in terms of skill level. I’ve been drawn to these raised treble stitches and although some patterns still get me into a right old tangle I’m more confident with them now. Thanks to dogs climbing on my lap whilst counting for the set up rows there are a couple of little mistakes in those rows but I decided to carry on regardless and quite honestly once it’s finished no-one is going to notice! It hasn’t prevented the subsequent rows from settling back into the proper pattern.

The pattern calls for 4-ply but I had this lovely Illustrious WYS yarn just waiting to be used for something special. It’s DK and I’ve used a 4mm hook instead of the 3.5mm hook suggested. I think I probably should have used 4.5mm but it’s not working up too stiffly so I’ve got away with it. This many raised trebles make for a thick fabric and since it’ll be a single thickness cowl just bunched slightly when worn I think it’s going to make a very warm one.

We will be spending more time in our caravan this year so I’m hopeful that I will be able to make a few more of these as gifts. It doesn’t look like much now but once it’s finished I think it will look a lot cleverer than it actually was! Naturally I’ve been absolutely not clever about calculating yarn requirements. I didn’t even looked at the weight or yardage required and it has chomped through the first ball rather speedily. I’ve counted the number of rows left and the number completed and phew, I think it’ll be enough but in future I will do the maths first.


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