I had so much to say in a blog post when access to wifi wasn’t possible. M has a one day break from his London court case and it’s raining cats and dogs so we are catching up with news and film downloads in good old Costa. Of course now it’s so noisy and busy I can’t recall what I wanted to write.

I haven’t tired of waking up amongst the pine trees. M leaves at first light and the dogs and I snooze for a bit longer. I take them into the woodland or the meadow depending on the weather, towel them down and then set about making breakfast. Riley has taken to sitting in the corner closest to the large window at the side of the caravan which happens to be next to a cluster of three pine trees. Yesterday I discovered why he liked that spot. He stood and wagged his tail at the trees and when I looked there was a cheeky squirrel at eye level looking straight at us with a beech nut in his mouth. We’ve seen several squirrels having a little argument outside, no doubt over food or females. A regular tatty pheasant goes by most mornings and there are lots of robins which always seems a bit incongruous since I think of them as garden birds rather than woodland ones.

I’ve taken the odd drive out for M&S coffee and a walk round the lake. On these colder days Riley has resisted the temptation but Harvey has not and comes home shivering. I’ve donated an old jacket to the dog shivering cause. M worries that I will be bored but that’s far from the case. I’m savouring every moment of peace and quiet I can get.

It’s been a good week for focusing on some more challenging crochet. I am making a summer top for E using squares designed for a bag in a big old vintage book. It’s slow but enjoyable. I’m not following a set pattern so there’s that element of ‘will all this be a complete waste of time?’ If all else fails I can turn it into a bag I guess!

I’ve also been trying to make the Petunia Top from the latest issue of Inside Crochet. It’s been rather frustrating as the pattern starts off with the incorrect number of chains for the small size and goes downhill from there. I suspect this size was never tested but don’t feel cocky enough to submit corrections. I persevered until the stage you see above and then threw in the towel. It’s not been a complete waste of time because it led to the decision to start again but this time make it according to what makes better sense to me. The shaping of the sleeves isn’t difficult but I’m dispensing with that and may add some subtle shaping with the edging (or not). I’ve also made completely different shoulder panels with a definite back and front edge. Finally I chose to reduce the fullness of each ‘shell’ to make a finer shell pattern because I’m making it for a toddler and also because it seemed to sit better with fewer trebles in each space.

I made a personal rule to only take two crochet projects to each stay in the caravan but somehow that craftily grew in number this time. I packed my tranquil shawl and E’s summer top this time. A free amigurumi kit doesn’t really count as another project does it? Then there was the flower garland kit that I found in the cupboard from last summer and finished off. Finally the Petunia Top happened simply because I had some spare cotton hanging around and even when I switched to basic dk wool that was also from supplies already in the caravan. These projects spread like crazy with a mind of their own, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


2 thoughts on “Awol

  1. It sounds idyllic to be there in the peace and quiet. I think you’re very creative to be able to look at a pattern and then make it your own way.


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