Is it too soon for another photo mosaic? Probably, but whilst selecting photos for the scavenger hunt it suddenly occurred to me to put one together purely for my own reference to see what I’ve made so far this year. Pic Collage only works for up to twenty images so there are a couple of simple cowls and projects that were started but not finished left out of this collage.

Twenty finished projects though! I think it’s fair to say I’ve been more adventurous with colour this year though really that has come about mainly when I’m making something for someone else. Some of these projects were started last year and were only finished this year because I decided to have a ‘wip attack’ and get them out of the way; the Last Dance blanket, the whale and the ripple baby blanket.

I’m usually one of those people who suffers from second sock syndrome (not that I’ve made many socks) so it’s interesting that this year I could cope with making two Catherine wheel stitch bags and two Unfold cowls. I can recommend both of these patterns as fun, not too difficult but fairly impressive looking! The bag pattern is by Nicki Trench and it is in her book Geek Chic Crochet. The Unfold Cowl is in last Spring’s issue of PomPom magazine.

There was one sneaky knitting project which should have been fairly quick and enjoyable but turned into a bit of a slog. I foolishly keep thinking that if I let some time go by that my wrists will be able to cope with knitting, but I’m proved wrong every time. Thank goodness for crochet because I really would be lost without it. If you’d told me that I’d be very keen on crochet in my adult years I’d have laughed for a long long time. I famously got banned from home economics or whatever fancy name they called it, both the cooking half and the sewing half. Well cooking is still as unappealing as it was back then, but if only we’d knitted or crocheted instead of attempted to sew a nightdress (yuk, I hated nightdresses back then and still do!).

I’ve got a few wips on the go but something caught my eye on Instagram and it doesn’t look like it will take forever to make so I’m having a little go at that with leftover Aran yarn. If it works out then I’ll happily order carefully chosen yarn and make another. I did this with the recent Petunia Top for my niece by starting it in an unbleached cotton I had to hand and I’m so glad I didn’t rush out and buy expensive cotton first because it didn’t really work out. Now that I’ve got a pattern worked out I can make one in any cotton or wool that catches my eye or is lurking at the back of my yarn cupboards!

So that’s my half yearly review of all the crochet items I’ve made. It’s probably time to start thinking about making a few gifts for Christmas! Riley says he’s up for a crochet collar if I’d care to make one!


4 thoughts on “Makes

  1. Gosh, I’m impressed – that’s a lot of work to get done. And I love the bags in particular. I’m looking for a nice pattern for a knitted bag – but I”m in a place where I have more ideas of things I”d like to knit than time to do them lol And besides there’s far too much time wasted drooling over the LoveKniiting sale sites – methink it’s time to unsubscribe from their newsletter for sanity sake 🙂


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