I’ve just selected random images from my camera roll for this post and it seems there’s been a fair bit of crochet happening lately. Little E’s watermelon(ish) dress is finished. I love choosing a button for a finishing touch and I have been known to make M, E and J wait patiently while I carefully select buttons from various foreign street markets.

I liked the construction of the yoke dress so much I thought it might be possible to work out a crochet yoke for an adult. I did try and find one in a plain design and for dk but most designs out there seem to involve an awful lot of lacy stuff. Not quite my thing. Then I remembered that I had a book about top down construction and studied that over several sittings of coffee. It seems fairly straight forward in that you guess/calculate the starting chain by holding it round your neck or laying it over a favourite neckline from a garment you own. Yep, no problem. Then you calculate the yoke depth to several inches below your armpit, not forgetting that the neckline starts a little way down from the top of your neck. No problem. Then you take your starting chain number and the number of stitches you will need to go round both arms and your chest and calculate the difference. Um? Then you simply (ha!) work out how many increases per row you need to do to end up with the arm/chest number. Easy right?

You can see how well it was going in the photo above. I was just pleased it was circular. After that it all went a bit pear shaped. I got as far as the underarm chain calculations and it did actually fit at this stage but the fact that the yoke was ruffled on top of the shoulders and not flat would have meant ripping back miles of it. So I slept on it and then frogged the lot the next morning. Life is too short! Ironically, after tipping all my back issues of crochet magazines out on to the bed (with Riley as my helpful research assistant) I found just the yoke in dk I was looking for. It has bobbles but those are easily left out. For now I’ve bookmarked it and started something else but I am definitely planning to try using this yoke for an idea I’ve had for a top.

I spent a while this morning digging out my entire stash of four ply cotton. I hardly ever use this weight and all of these leftovers are from amigurumi toys, hence the very random colours. A simple cotton vest top pattern caught my eye and I’m working it up in these very colours as a trial run. So far it feels like it would be lovely to wear because it drapes very softly with the use of double trebles. They do feel quite slow going though and the front and back are made separately so I hope I manage to stick with it.

Unfortunately I only have 100g of that scrumptious denim dyed cotton and it is also dk, because that really would be my ideal colour way for a summer vest top. If my trial run works out well I plan to try and find something similar in four ply for the final garment. Either that or a yarn cake of multi tasteful colours which would be fun and with fewer ends to weave in.

Today has been wet and wild. I’m not sure how Riley could hear thunder over and above J’s music but he must have done because he climbed on to my lap when the rain started getting heavy and the trees were bending in the wind. Later, in the middle of hoovering we had a power cut which I wasn’t too upset about because it meant an enforced crochet break. This village seems to get its fair share of power cuts, only the slightest storm will knock the electricity out. I can remember us scrabbling about in a drawer for white pillar candles when I was a child if there was a power cut. Now of course we’ve got candles all over the place, not to mention the odd set of battery powered string lights.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this coming week pans out to include a solo trip to our caravan in the woods. I’ve even got M to agree to me taking just one of the dogs on the basis that it’s quite hard work for one person when they don’t get on in the boot of the car for the journey and are a bit snippy going in and out of the caravan. Not to mention having to towel them down when it’s been raining and it’s muddy. He says I need at least one dog with me to act as a pair of ears which I suppose is true. I do find it more relaxing when I know they will let me know if anyone is around, I just wish Riley could talk and then he could say, ‘that couple over there just said good evening to you’ and then I wouldn’t look like a snotty so and so who wasn’t friendly!


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