Having gone a bit bonkers with crochet gourds and pumpkins this year I’m wondering how the bug passed me by in previous years? I couldn’t resist one last happy pumpkin just for fun. I haven’t overstuffed any of these and they are quite deliciously squishy. They are fairly quick and don’t require a great deal of concentration which is perfect when you’re full of cold or watching a series on Netflix, or both.

I used three different ‘patterns’ for the pumpkins. I use the word pattern lightly because there isn’t much to it. The first couple used dk with a 3.5mm hook and a chain of 19 to start. Using one chain as a turning chain I did rows through the back loop consisting of four dc’s at each end of the row and half trebles in between. The dc’s just make it easier to gather the top and bottom and I think they give a bit of shape too. I added the stalks afterwards on these first attempts which was a bit fiddly.

The larger pink gourd followed a pattern in the book 200 Fun things to Crochet. It’s a four row repeat and takes a bit of concentration or a pad and pen to keep track of where you are. I liked the way the stalk was crocheted in to the top section so I used that method when I went back to do a third type which was a combination the plain old ribbed body but with the crocheted in stalk. Did that make any sense at all? So the final happy pumpkin uses the tapered rib stitch rows but with the stalk worked into the top edge and then decreased to gather the top in. On this one I also used the method of sewing every other segment if you like, to accentuate the shape a bit more. I’ve made a mental note to find some soft colourful yarn and make a basket of pumpkins for my niece to play with next Halloween. I left it far too late this year to make them and send them off to London.

The still nameless crochet doll has acquired a cheerful red t shirt. I know I won’t enjoy making any further tiny outfits for now so they are on hold until I find my 3mm hook love and patience once more. I might make a Christmas hat and scarf for her late next month because those two things are quite easy and not so fiddly.

So with pumpkins out of my system and Halloween nearly over I needed to have the next project lined up. I flicked through my recent magazines and realised I had a couple of leftover balls of Batik to at least start the mystery Shawl that’s been published over three parts in Inside Crochet recently. At least with existing stash you can try a pattern out and see how it feels without committing to buying all the yearn from scratch. On this occasion the larger hook and choice of yarn works well and produces a light and airy but warm fabric.

I hadn’t taken much notice of the shawl to begin with because I really don’t like the colours it was shown in. I must have mentally written it off as a bit too girly for me. I saw a slightly toned down version on Instagram and then it dawned on me that I might like the pattern in different colours altogether. I know this is how patterns usually work but somehow those initial colours just tuned me out. I’ve got as far as I can with just two colours and I’m now waiting for a small delivery (a few other supplies may have dropped into the trolley too). I’m feeling my crochet mojo creep back. I’ve been crocheting lately but nothing has really been exciting.

Not only have I got to wait for a yarn delivery but I’ve also reached the end of Stranger Things 2! Oh well, I will just have to dive into a good book if it rains all day again tomorrow!



I decided to pay for a flu jab this year since I don’t meet any of the special criteria. I did think about asking my GP for one on the basis that my immune system is pants but then I discovered that Boots do them on a walk in basis and it costs £12.99. What an absolute bargain. I think proper flu would be extremely miserable with the added misery of having everything go to pot around you because certain men who shall remain anonymous don’t notice things like worktops that need wiping, bins that need emptying, washing that needs to go through the machine and so on. Though I suspect that things have improved a little on this score since I spent a little time away from home this summer; all in the name of teaching them life skills of course!

Unfortunately flu jabs don’t protect against the common cold so I’m dosing up since I felt the first discomfort in my throat and neck. I blame E who came home from uni with a bad throat and cough. I’ll have to ban her visits home if this is what she keeps bringing with her! Today I’ve managed to make a few crochet pumpkins but I’ve probably frogged as much as I’ve actually crocheted such are my concentration levels.

On Thursday this week M had a job in Peterborough. I tend to go along for the ride and a few hours mooching round the city when he works there. It’s a little over an hour from home which is about as much driving with Victor Medlrew as I can stand. It was a mild and sunny day, the job was shorter than usual so M suggested popping to Stamford which is much more my kind of town. It was also attractive to hundreds of other people too, partly due to half term I guess. We still managed to have a nice lunch and I left M drinking coffee while I found the tucked away wool shop and browsed the second hand book stores.

I managed to be very selective with the books and only added two to my collection. I resisted all wool even though it was nice to have a look at some of the latest yarns. I had a lovely stroll through the market area and chose these small colourful gourds (above) and two generously sized rust coloured Chrysanthemums. I spent not much more than a tenner (the gourds were only 60p each) in total but it’s added some lovely autumnal colour. I’ve yet to transfer the plants to big pots and put them either side of the front door. Leaf sweeping and weeding is on the cards for that area too. For some reason Autumn gardening is much more appealing. Everything here just grows too fast in summer!

We’ve had some nice walks this week. Mostly just the dogs and I on our usual routes with a swim to rinse off anything Riley has rolled in. I wasn’t very chatty on Friday evening and M sensed I needed cheering up. He knows that just a simple thing like joining me for a dog walk and having a nice coffee afterwards is all it takes sometimes. So on Saturday morning we took the dogs to the old coach road and they enjoyed the change of scene very much. It’s a tree lined route with quite a few fallen trees including the log that has weathered to the texture you can see in the last photo. Of course Riley was trying his hardest to be included in this shot. M had to throw a stick to give me time to do a close up.

The walk was indeed uplifting and a good coffee is always welcome. It transpired later that what I really hankered after was a visit to my home county of Sussex. It just creeps up on me and I think that it’s often linked to this huge issue of regional accents. I don’t have a right or a wrong in my head. I just have a sense of what I am used to. In fact I often wonder whether places with identifiable accents have a stronger sense of identity. For instance, a common bumper sticker locally states ‘Proud to be a yellow belly.’ This means they are proud to be from Lincolnshire. There’s no such equivalent for Sussex. Only recently I was told that the Southern and therefore the Queen’s English has been wrongly spoken all along according to phonetics. So whilst M and I would say pasta with the same pronounciation, we would pronounce bath and castle differently. Rather than give much thought to right and wrong, which isn’t useful, I just added this advice to the long list of less than friendly ‘reactions’ to my alien accent. Hence the desire to go home now and then. Luckily the more M sees of Sussex the more he likes it. A lottery win would most definitely involve buying a property there!

Without such a windfall we’ve been surfing for a bargain winter break in Sussex instead. I started off by looking at shepherds huts but even in winter these can be quite pricey. We devised a tick box list to suit both of us and eventually found a blend of rural and rustic but with all the mod cons that M wanted (tv and wifi). A wood burner was high on my list of priorities and a sense of being isolated but knowing that you weren’t really far from civilisation. This small converted barn we have found sounds ideal and I can’t wait to go. We’ve just had our tenth wedding anniversary and had planned to book a break for that reason. We discussed Ireland and France but sometimes you can get carried away when there are perfectly good locations much closer to home. The added bonus is being able to visit my Grandfather when we are down there. It’s a little while yet but I’m going to start putting together a small hamper to take with us, wine, gin, oh and maybe some food items too!

I’ll be deciding which crochet project to take with me quite soon too. I’ve got a larger project to get my teeth into and a toft dog kit yet to start. For now though I need short, uncomplicated projects like pumpkins! Since I took these photos this morning I’ve had a day of lemsip and rest and managed to make the grand total of one more pumpkin for the bowl! I had visions of making at least half a dozen more. It was partly down to choosing a slightly larger and more involved pattern. For the small ones above I just used the same method as for my hats and gloves, through the back loops for ribbing and different heights of stitch for the tapering. The slightly larger one I’ve made uses a pattern from the book 200 Fun Things to Crochet and it’s a great pattern although I found that using running stitch to accentuate the ‘sections’ was a bit tricky so I just used one big stitch for each section and pulled tightly, securing it out of sight in the centre of the base each time. I’m not quite done with pumpkins yet so I’ll be pulling out more random leftover yarn balls tomorrow and trying out more striped and tweedy versions.


These photo scavenge hunts are proving too much fun to miss. I didn’t think I’d have time this month to join in what with E’s departure for uni and then her short notice visits home. In fact the latest one prompted a massive two day sort out that I’d intended to do over three months! She’s been in charge of sorting her own room out for as long as I can remember but it was a bit chaotic after the uni packing. I decided that she needed a really nice, calm, uncluttered area to come home to now and then. I’m quite good at this sort of thing once I’m in the right frame of mind and armed with a hoover for unexpected spiders, loud music and a large coffee.

1. Making. Hats. It’s an annual thing now, a randomly occurring, most pressing need to make a batch of hats (not necessarily at the right time of the year either). This one seems remarkably similar to one I made last year for E but it uses an entirely different pattern. It’s called the Herringbone Slouch Hat by Jennifer Dougherty. It’s easy as pie if you can do post trebles. I’ve yet to make myself one but the wool is standing by!

2. Empty. Beach. This was taken at Huttoft earlier this year. I’m hopeless at remembering dates but it was fairly windy and cool, most definitely woolly hat weather anyway. In my mind it was the best time to visit a beach because we had the place entirely to ourselves. The dogs loved it.

3. Starts with F. Fingerless gloves. I finished making these recently using the foolproof side to side method and then slip stitching down the side leaving a thumb hole. It’s ideal for using up a random ball of yarn that you’ve lost the ball band for and can’t remember whether it’s dk or Aran, or chunky for that matter. It makes perfect tailor made gloves every time. All I need to do now is be less plain and add embellishments!

4. Paper. Despite various crochet planning apps and even an app for a crochet journal I don’t think I’m likely to ever replace good old paper and pen with anything digital. I have a box of these small pads with various crochet notes inside and one day I’m planning on transferring them to a handwritten journal for future reference. Just my hat notes alone would be a handy section to write up instead of working it all out from scratch every time I start one.

5. Neat. I wouldn’t say I was a neat freak but there are some things that need a little order so I find myself trying to keep my little bureau neat and tidy at least. It contains a hundred million random items and I know exactly where each of them are.

6. Street. I most probably take a photo of this very same street every time I go to York. It’s so Dickens and Harry Potter and just makes you feel like you should be wearing something quite different from jeans.

7. Kettle. Once upon a time I’d use a kettle six times a day at the very least. Now it’s far less because we use a coffee machine. My favourite kettle though, is our Kelly Kettle which runs on little twigs or pine cones set alight in the fire cavity. In order to use this I have to drag M out in the car, find some remote lay-by, take the dogs for as long a walk as he can manage and then suggest a freshly brewed mug of tea before setting off for home. It always tastes better in the open air!

8. Unexpected. Walking back to E’s little car to find a very bad driver trying to reverse out of the next parking bay. It probably would have helped if she’d had a booster seat and been able to see over the steering wheel. She was a very small woman in a very big car. Beware! In future I will be keeping the battery ticking over by driving round the village.

9. Vase. If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know that vase comes under the category ‘girly things that I don’t like’. Well they used to in the days before I discovered that they also come without flowers printed or painted onto them! This green one was a recent acquisition. I’d love to know who or where this potter with the mark Hy is. I’ve got quite a few pieces collected mainly from charity shops over the years. I like this piece for its simplicity and the fact that it only takes one stem of something for it to look artistic!

10. Own choice. Harvey, the dog we’ve had from a pup. The dog I taught to sit, wait, find it, fetch, bring it here, lie down, who now does all of this roughly in that order and never gives up hope that you’ll throw something for him. When winter sets in and I’m sweeping mud up from the floor daily, soaking mud balls out of his pads in the sink, trekking through boggy fields, wrecking my car boot with mud, dog slobber and stagnant pond smell, hoovering prairie dog hair dust balls from the hall way… I always think to myself, he’s worth every bit of that hard work. I can’t imagine life without a Spaniel, or two!

Thank you Hawthorn for hosting the photo hunt.


It’s been a bit of a happy sad kind of weekend. E was sounding a bit homesick on Friday evening just as M and I were settling down to watch a film. Eventually the big softie that M is said he’d go and pick her up (a three hour round trip). It’s my birthday weekend so although a visit home wasn’t on the cards it was good timing. E has never been the sort to be comfortable away from home so she’s finding this first semester quite tricky. Judging by how often the rest of her flat mates go home she’s not alone in this. From a Mum point of view it’s a bit unsettling.

After E had a very long sleep we went into town on Saturday afternoon to gather a few things she needed. We ended up having an afternoon tea which was fun. We were chatting away about life in a flat and the lack of sound proofing when all of a sudden the woman at the next table decided to join in the conversation. A few minutes later the older couple on the other side of us decided they’d join in too. It was obviously a contentious subject!

So, the nameless doll is finished. Due to lack of light this evening and the fact that E has taken the little character back to uni I haven’t got a photo of her in the cute stripey dress I also made for her. The plan is to make a few more items of clothing and pop them in the post as and when. Sandals are definitely on the cards, a t-shirt to go under the dungarees and perhaps the yellow rain mac because E has always owned one of these for every age of her life!

Whilst the 3.5mm hook with dk wasn’t totally impossible for my big hands it was definitely fiddly at times. When I find the right shade of body colour I’m looking forward to having a go at scaling the pattern up to Aran weight to make a doll for my niece. There’s scope for a lot of fun with outfits that might appeal to a little one.

I’ve been well and truly spoiled this year. Lots of lovely presents and treats but also, the now much rarer chance to have a family meal, the four of us. I chose Nando’s this year because you really can’t beat chicken and chips. I’m now having a crafty gin and tonic while M does the uni round trip again; after all I need to live up to the birthday card E designed for me (which I shared on Instagram) which has a sizeable chunk of the pie chart devoted to gin. I fear the chocolate section might be larger than depicted by the time the day is over.

Harvey is either losing his hearing now or turning into a stubborn old thing. I tried to coax him off the sofa so that I could lay down the newly washed blanket but he decided he was quite comfortable where he was. I thought he’d wriggle out when I plonked it on top of him but he seemed quite cosy in his blanket cave and stayed like that for at least half an hour. He was pretty warm when he emerged. Riley walked by a few times, clearly puzzled, looking at me as much to say, what is that dog doing?

Kingston Upon Thames

My faith in cities has been restored a little! I’m in Kingston Upon Thames which is technically Surrey but feels pretty much like London. There are red double decker buses everywhere. The traffic seems to be constant night and day. It was too warm last night and I had to get up in the small hours and get some air from the window. We are three floors up so there is a good view of the city below and beyond. I was really surprised to see people, buses and cars at this hour.

We arrived yesterday and M had a little time to show me a few places he already knew, mainly of the food and coffee variety but I wasn’t complaining, I had the best flat white I’ve ever tasted just round the corner so I’ll be making another visit there today. M has headed into central London for an all day job. I could have gone too but Kingston seems like a much better option.

Outdoor food markets seem to be a given for most cities now and there’s a nicely built one here with wooden stalls and smart gazebos. I don’t want to offend anyone from Bristol because I may have been unaware of a refuse collection strike of some sort but here the rubbish gets bagged up properly at the end of the day and taken away. In Bristol there seems to be a collection of two or three industrial sized bins on every street corner. During the three days we were there they weren’t emptied and the amount of food waste overflowing on to the paths was quite disgusting. Great for vermin I would have thought too.

The city photo was taken at about 3pm yesterday and shortly after it got quite eerie and dark. The sky was already a strange yellow brown colour and then it went very sepia for a while. It seemed to blow over because there was no rain or anything that you’d expect with sudden darkness. A lot of people were taking photos of the sky with their phones.

M and I settled in the window seats of the coffee bar he’d been to before and watched people going by. It was really fascinating because life here is so different to the sleepy town we live close to. I mentioned where we were to Mum and was surprised to learn that my Dad played in a band in a pub here on Friday nights. Of course I had to share this amazing fact with E and J who may or may not have had vague knowledge of Grandad once being a drummer. They were pretty impressed and once again, my parents are so much cooler than I ever was!

Naturally I’ve brought along some crochet. The doll is now looking much more human with two arms and two legs. She’s even got an item of clothing, two hats and a scarf in progress. I’ll be looking out for a box or something to keep her and all the bits together. I’ve found that for some of the clothes it comes up rather stiff and tight if you use the same hook as for the body. I’ve scaled up half or a whole size in hooks and then adjusted trouser lengths as I go. It would probably make life easier just sticking to the guidelines but in my case I particularly wanted baggy dungarees. I’ll do some photos when I’m back at home to explain this better. Using merino instead of wool is a good tip if you want a bit of extra give. I made one hat in wool and it was a bit stiff and heavy. I made a second in merino and it’s much softer and stretchier.

I posted the above hat to E at uni. We had discussed a stripey hat and then got sidetracked with a nice post treble design that I made in tweed green. I’m a sucker for a well written pattern or a nicely styled photo and then often find it doesn’t make what I had in mind. With this chunky scrap yarn hat I closed the books and my iPad and just started making the hat and it ended up being what I wanted in the first place. I’ve got enough chunky bits and bobs to make another for myself and several for the clothing drop box they put next to one of the churches in our town for homeless people to help themselves to when it starts to get cold. I put some thick, warm hand knitted hats in there last year. Stash busting and a good cause, a win win.


With a heavy heart we packed up the ‘van and towed it home. It is looking a little worse for wear with green stuff streaking down from the roof. I’ll have to get a ladder and the brush/hose and sort it out. I’ve really enjoyed this seasonal pitch idea which we had considered before but hadn’t found anywhere nice enough to tempt us. This place was absolutely hassle free and with everything we needed nearby including fantastic walks and scenery. I will miss being able to open the roof shutter and bedroom blind in the morning and sit and watch birds, squirrels and pheasants going about their business as well as the trees gently swaying overhead. I think Riley enjoyed watching the squirrels mainly.

It was a great exercise in whittling down belongings and distractions. Each time I went to stay there I purposely only took a bare minimum of yarn and wips, the most being three projects at any one time (which is much less than the tally at home!). It meant that I made progress on various projects that were taking longer or were less interesting than my concentration span. I also limited the amount of spare yarn I stored in the van which is how the wristwarmers and socks came to be in the same black tweed yarn I guess. Not having my crochet books and magazines or even reliable internet resulted in making it up as I went along for more items. I’ve always liked this ‘try it on as you go’ method for gloves, mitts, socks and hats. It’s ideal for socks in particular. I was really glad of those black chunky socks when the weather outside was making itself known across the floor level in the van. The last pair of these I made were only Aran weight but they’ve also had lots of use.

I started reading so much more during this time away too. I think at home I find it much harder to relax with my head in a book because there’s always something going on. If I read my eyes are not available for seeing what sounds and activity are going on. I still find it totally amazing that M or E can read a book, be asked a question, answer it and all without looking up from the book! It’s mind blowing! When the kids were small I used to watch them interact with each other purely for the way they didn’t have to look at each other to converse. In fact I still do love to observe them having a conversation with each other because they both appear to mumble under their breath (J especially), hardly look at one another and and yet they are chatting.

M and I found an out of town book shop some miles out from the caravan site. I think I previously mentioned (maybe on Instagram) that it was dog friendly and we had Riley with us at the time. He sat like an angel in the cafe after being given a dog treat by one of the women who worked there. Anyway, we both liked the art on the walls and when we got home I found the two posters online and ordered them. The one above is the only one I’ve managed to find a frame for so far. It has livened up our bedroom wall for now. It may end up on the bare brick wall in our conservatory which we use as a living room. I’m trying to collect enough art to make a feature wall of prints. It’s slow going, I’m obviously quite fussy these days.

Three weeks is obviously how long the average student lasts before feeling homesick. E reported that she’d like to come home this weekend because most of her flat were going home, so M dutifully sent funds for a train ticket and picked her up on Friday evening. We had only been home a few hours after bringing the caravan home so I very hastily had to put her half sorted room into order so that she could actually sleep in the bed! There were no less than seven coats on our hall pegs all belonging to E so when she left three weeks ago I moved them to her room with a view to sorting out some space in her wardrobe for them. I quickly realised that was a bigger job than I bargained for.

M and I also had to confess to a small incident involving her car. I’m insured to drive it and we agreed that I’d use it maybe once a week to keep it ticking over nicely and because it’s fun to nip out in a Fiat 500 when your usual car is a big old jeep. I used it once to meet M for a coffee after a local job he’d done and as we were walking back to the cars he heard a bit of a bang and scrape and witnessed a very small woman in a very big car swipe the front bumper of E’s car. In a nutshell she admitted liability and we sorted out the repairs pronto, hoping very much to have it back on our drive way before E even thought about coming home for a visit. It’ll be another few days so we had to explain everything. Luckily E saw the funny side and said, ‘so in the three weeks I’ve been away you’ve trashed my bedroom and trashed my car?’ Um, yep.

All that had nothing to do with me readily agreeing to making her an autumn type hat! It’s not quite arctic enough for the double thick and fleece lined crochet hat I made her last winter when she was having to do playground supervising. I’m sure we discussed stripes and multi colours but then E spotted a design called the Chunky Herringbone Slouch hat from the book Crochet Style by Jennifer Dougherty. We found some tweedy green chunky yarn from my stash and agreed on a different colour for the Pom Pom. As luck would have it I already had the perfect colour and size Pom Pom in a drawer full of leftover random Pom Poms. It doesn’t look like it but the hat has just the right amount of slouch and it was easy to get a good fit for the final band by switching to a smaller hook. Without E’s head nearby I think I would have had to do a ribbed band just to be sure there was enough give for a flexible fit. I used half trebles for this band rather than the dc’s suggested because I wanted a bit more band depth. The pattern seem really well written and the gauge guidelines are really useful. I’m definitely going to make one of these for myself. I feel a whole lot of hat making coming on!


It’s always a treat to leave this county I’ve ended up in. When I return I often appreciate the relative lack of traffic and the way everything is nicely spread out, with lots of green between villages and towns. A whirlwind tour of London and Bristol has definitely had that effect.

In fact we started off by travelling to Worcester, somewhere I’ve never been but I had a pleasant few hours wandering round and another hour sitting at a window seat in a lovely coffee place. I could easily have used their wifi and read the news, blogged, wasted time on Instagram but instead I just watched the world go by and very relaxing it was too.

After Worcester we had to head right into London to stay overnight so that M could be in Camberwell Green the next morning. We booked a hotel in Richmond, just eleven miles from where he had to be and allowed two hours the following morning to travel that distance. We made it with ten minutes to spare and we didn’t take any detours or get lost. That’s London rush hour for you. Camberwell Green looked a bit scary and horrible. I’m not keen on London at all. My first mission was to find a good take out coffee and deliver it to M at the court, he has a lot of waiting around to do and they don’t very often have coffee machines let alone good coffee. After delivering his coffee I took mine and sat in a small leafy park. Little green spaces like this must be well used within these London boroughs.

My morning got a whole lot better when I discovered there was a really good art shop down one of the side streets. It took me back to my design days, just the smell of paper. I’ve been thinking of having a dabble with some hand drawn lettering lately so I treated myself to a pack of water colour brush pens. They’ve actually got some kind of ink based colour in them but produce a water colour type mark, so that should be interesting to try out. It’s been a long time since I did anything hand drawn.

Traffic was hell from London to Bristol and we ended up calling it the hamster wheel effect. The satnav started off by telling us we would be there in two and a half hours. After driving for over an hour it was still telling us we had two and a half hours to go! I first visited Bristol about twenty years ago and distinctly remember seeing models of the improvements they were going to spend £20million on. It seems they haven’t stopped spending money on ‘regeneration’ because it was full of roadworks, which is always a pain when you don’t know where you’re going anyway. Satnavs don’t cope well with road closures. In fact on Saturday there was a demonstration of sorts by a large group of motorcyclists who rode slowly through the town en masse to protest about all the disruption. Good for them I say! I was negotiating orange barriers, potholes, pedestrian re route signs and large piles of concrete rubble as they drove by.

Highlights of my two days wandering round Bristol included the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Arnolfini, and a quiet hour or so on the second floor of the M Shed watching the boats go by. In between these two events I did find some quirky coffee shops, a vintage street market and the tree lined harbourside area that I recognised from my previous visit.

I have no idea what the story behind the portakabin in the sky is but I would be quite happy to live up there! Neither can I tell you anything about Grayson Perry that isn’t already out there on the internet. It was packed with people, a blend of families, tourists and pretentious art critic wannabes, no actually the latter was just one Father boring the pants off his fourteen year old son. I felt like stepping in and telling him to just let the poor boy form his own opinions. I must confess I liked a lot of the work and I wish I had taken more photographs.

From Bristol I was dropped off in Derbyshire for one last week at the caravan. It was heavenly arriving back amongst the pine trees. It wasn’t so good being without Riley. I’ve come to realise that it is actually quite handy having someone or something that can hear. The fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarm for instance are rendered completely useless without Riley in residence. I often leave a tap running, intending to fill a bowl while I quickly do something else and then because I can’t hear the water running I completely forget about it. My sense of smell often makes up for things though, I can actually smell things like water running in a smaller space like the caravan and I’d definitely know very quickly if something was starting to burn.

Walking round Bristol really stuffed my back up again. I needed the five day break from constant laundry, dog walking and general household stuff to rest it. Before I left for this trip I hoovered the whole house and vowed never to hoover again after it set things off. M and J proved they can cope with both laundry and hoovering. They made a deal, J would hoover throughout if M did all the laundry. Both parties were happy. Now that I’m home I need to bribe J into keeping up with the hoovering part of the deal until my back is better.

Apart from a brief trip down to the nearby town for charity shop browsing, coffee and a walk round the lake, I mainly stuck to reading and crochet all week. I managed to finish three novels! I read three books, started a fourth and that’s when I decided to replenish my stock. I wish things were as organised at home i.e. Buy a few, read a few and then buy a few more and so on. The reality is that I buy them faster than I can read them.

In between reading I managed to finish the ribbed crochet wristwarmers that I started yonks ago. They are sized to fit my wrists and hands perfectly. That’s what I love about the side to side and ribbed construction method. I love the tweed yarn and managed to buy up quite a few balls in the chunky weight in various colours at sale prices recently. In order not to get too bored with ribbed wristwarmers, honeycomb hats and anything else I’ve made more than a few times I need to source some new patterns. E has requested a stripey ‘studenty’ hat (whatever that is?) so she’s going to find a picture of something she likes.

On one day in the caravan it was particularly blowy outside. We have small vents at floor level which I’m sure are totally necessary but I’m not sure why. They let in a certain amount of cool air regardless of how cosy the rest of the place is. At some point in the afternoon I decided to see if the rest of the chunky black tweedy yarn would be enough for a pair of thick socks. I absolutely hate wearing socks usually and I particularly dislike anything that goes up past my ankle. I’ve no idea why, strangely J seems to have inherited this from me. In just an hour or so I had a pair of tailor made ankle socks with about ten centimetres of yarn leftover! I smugly sent a photo to our family message chat thing which E set up and titled ‘Fam’ (it’s a new word apparently) and they were all seriously unimpressed. I reminded them that being able to whip up a pair of socks with yarn and a hook was something akin to a post apocalyptic life skill! One day they will realise what a cool person I really am 😉