Joining in with Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenge Hunt. Thank you for hosting K!

1. Blue. So many blues to choose from so I’ve kept it current and photographed this scarf I’ve just finished for a Christmas present. At least I think it’s blue.

2. Me. Ugh I hate having my photo taken. I don’t actually wear glasses all the time but this was a selfie just to take a photo of the newly finished ‘Unfold’ crochet cowl and I needed to see the camera button!

3. Beginning with W. Weaving. Something I want to do more of but I’ve been giving crochet priority. Weaving certainly goes well with the hobby of crochet because it uses up random odds and ends of any thickness. I throw all the leftovers into a wire basket when they are no longer a useful quantity for anything else.

4. Rainbow. One of the things I’ve learnt about myself since I learnt how to crochet is my inability to cope with a riot of colour! Rainbow colours just don’t do anything for me at all. I seem to be in the minority when it comes to the colourful crochet community. I struggled to find anything amongst existing photographs for this category and then I came across this cake that M and I couldn’t resist when we were spending the afternoon in Chester after one of his work assignments. Imagine the time and patience required to bake such a thing!

5. Arch. A beautiful bridge in Matlock with stone arches.

6. Toy. A toy for future grandchildren is how we justified bringing this vintage look Pooh Bear home with us from Ashdown Forest recently. M is just a big softy really and said he looked lonely in the window!

7. Brush. I love this kind of shop. Useful, beautiful items. This one in Tunbridge Wells seemed to have a brush for every occasion and I regret not buying one of those wooden brushes with the ergonomic mushroom shaped handle for gently brushing clods of mud from the dog’s paws.

8. Swirl. This immediately made me think of coffee. I love it when a barista does an amazing piece of art. So clever. Never works at home!

9. Nail. Well nails plural to be precise here. This is not my hand! I cannot stand to have nail varnish on my finger nails. I’ve been known to add a neutral shade to toes in the summer. I’ve got strong nails that seem to grow quickly and yet I never bother doing anything with them except keep them trimmed. Unfortunately E didn’t inherit this from me and she has much weaker nails but likes to have them looking nice at all times, hence these decorative ones that I don’t even know the technical name for.

10. Own choice. I’ve recently been dabbling in much chunkier yarns than usual and loving the rustic look that thicker wool can create. This undyed yarn is by Rowan and was greatly reduced in a John Lewis sale. It’s absolutely luxurious to work with and feels great against the skin so I’m making a simple cowl for myself. It’ll be perfect for cold and frosty dog walks!


15 thoughts on “November

  1. Lovely photos. I had a piece of rainbow cake once in the cathedral cafe in Manchester. Very handy for the rainbow prompt. I would love to order a barrista style coffee with a swirl like that but I am a wee bit boring when it comes to coffee as I just like a small plain black coffee. Xx

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  2. What a lovely pattern on your blue scarf. Such a beautiful handmade present. I can see you are very talented and I love the way you have assembled the collage. I like the vintage pooh bear too – I think I could have took him home too!

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    • Thanks Cathy! I’m making a few more of those scarves since that one has turned out so luxurious. Yes Pooh Bear was a bit too cute to leave behind! We just have to keep him out of reach of the dogs because they like the look of him too!


  3. Lovely photo of you! Much braver than my ‘me’ image 🙂 I too need to put my glasses on to sort out camera buttons (groan … comes with age I suppose) I’m not a nail varnish person either – I’m too ‘practical’ so it gets chipped easily as I’m always doing something like gardening or fixing things so I don’t bother! Thanks for joining in x

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  4. My comments are similar to Kate’s in that I wear glasses, (now for 51 years) & I dislike nail polish, but luckily I’ve very hard nails & just like them neat & tidy. I now know that you really love yarn crafts & coffee. Funny what we get to know about people on the other side of the world. Have a great weekend & take care.


  5. I see you have been visiting my neck of the woods…I live on the outskirts of the Ashdown Forest.
    There are some lovely shops in Tunbridge Wells, parking is a nightmare usually though.
    Your crochet projects look fab and I was interested to see you use a wooden hook, I use those with a bit more of a ‘handle’. I could use that coffee right now, it is so cold today.

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    • How lucky you are! We moved away quite a long time ago now and I get very homesick, hence the holidays home! Parking was indeed challenging! I do use Clover Amour hooks too, it depends on the yarn and whether I’m out and about, I leave the Clover hooks at home because they’d be more expensive to replace and I’m quite good at losing hooks! Not hearing them drop is a hazard! It’s definitely coffee weather here today too!


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