Jersey 2

Time seems to be flying lately. We are keeping busy. Lots of tasks have been ticked off the list this week. Finances have been organised, serious stuff discussed over coffee. New lists made, one of which was headed up with ‘get the wood burner fitted before next winter’. To be honest it would only take a slight chill in the air for me to light one. On the same list, along with many things for M to build himself is a proper wood store. We have plenty of timber for such a thing and filling it with logs won’t be a problem either. There are a number of trees that need to be heavily pruned or taken down this year. Two trees show clear evidence of dying and will become unsafe in high winds, others have just got unruly and taken the remaining sunlight from the garden. It was already a wooded feel but we need sunlight in order for grass to grow, albeit rubbish quality. It remains to be seen who wins the battle of ‘pay someone to do it’ (my opinion) or ‘do it ourselves’ (M’s opinion). Once upon a time I’d have tackled anything but on this occasion we need a professional with proper equipment, not someone who takes half a day to get the chainsaw actually working, gets chainsaw oil everywhere, lops off a few baby branches I could have done with a handsaw and calls it a day’s work!

This morning we took the dogs for a check up with our local vet. It wasn’t really a full MOT but he listened to their heart rates, had a bit of a feel underneath and looked at their teeth and gums, they also got weighed. They are both extremely fit and healthy, each of them has lost one tiny tooth but it doesn’t really show and given the amount of sticks they fetch it isn’t surprising. They are both 56 in dog years so they are doing quite well. They’ll be 64 by the end of September, Harvey is already a grumpy old man due to his shoulder injury but I don’t like to think of them getting old, it’s definitely the downside of getting attached to dogs.

Whenever we take the dogs to the vet for any reason we always take them for a nice walk afterwards. Neither of them seem too troubled by the experience and I’m keen for it to stay that way. Today we chose what we thought would be a quiet spot but turned out to be pretty popular since it was a lovely sunny day.

We are off to Jersey again soon, a work trip I am tagging along for. I will have the best part of three days to myself in St. Helier and one day with M. I guess I will have to explore further afield by bus this time, it’s not as much fun on my own I must admit but at least this time I know roughly where everything is. I did ask a friendly shopkeeper what she would do with one day in St. Helier (she had lived there for over forty years) she was a little vague but perhaps that was because the weather was absolutely foul at the time and it was hard to imagine doing anything other than heading for the nearest source of coffee!

At the moment I’ve only packed a ball of sock yarn and my basic crochet sock pattern. I suspect that might change before we head off. I’m minimalist with everything else I pack but I tend to throw in an extra crochet project at the eleventh hour. My liquids pack is not as minimalist this time though, I have added a small bottle of moisturiser. Last time we went I found that all the sea air and strong winds dried my face right out. Ironically M has three times the number of bottles in his liquids bag and still insists on having both a deodorant and a body spray, old dogs and new tricks is all I’m saying on the matter. Not only that but he’s pleased I’m taking a moisturiser this time and says he will need to borrow some if his hands get dry. Honestly, some men are such divas!

I won’t be taking my latest ‘super easy crochet jumper’. The yarn ball is a whopping 400g and too bulky. The jumper should take about 600g so I wouldn’t even have the whole yarn requirement. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before we go but I don’t think I’ll get it finished in time to actually wear on the trip which is a shame because I’ve wanted an oatmeal tweedy jumper for a long time. It’ll go with everything which is actually quite a daft statement since ‘everything’ for me means jeans, jeans and more jeans. Always blue jeans.

I got completely muddled with the pattern when I did the grey version. I thought it was uk terms and required a dc construction throughout. I thought that would be too dense and slow so I used my favourite stitch which is half trebles. Turns out it should have been trebles but it’s all about sizing it as you go anyway so it didn’t matter. For this latest one I wondered if extended half trebles would look any different from trebles so I tried it out and yes I think there’s a subtle difference. Trebles twist the yarn more so you end up with clearly defined stitches. Extended half trebles twist less so create a loose looking treble kind of stitch. This is not technical jargon by the way, just my usual crochet waffle. Either way it was the look and feel that I wanted, a loose fabric but not see through in any way. I’m using a 7mm hook with aran weight yarn so that helps with the drape too. I see these jumpers as experimental and hope to create the perfect combination of yarn weight, hook size and stitch choice for my taste…eventually.

I have yet to decide on a method for the sleeves. I prefer to work in rounds so as not to have any visible joins but I also want the sleeve to taper gradually. This time round I will have to use a marker and work out the maths beforehand. I think I’ll also try working a back loop rib in situ rather than attaching separately. I’ve recently reminded myself how to do that so the entire garment will be done in one piece with no sewing up at all.

M really doesn’t feel the cold like a normal person would do, he will switch to long sleeve shirts in winter but it takes a lot of biting cold wind for him to say, ‘it’s cold’. Consequently he doesn’t own many jumpers and those he has got are tatty after dog walking use. I finally managed to persuade him to at least look at some plain lambswool jumpers yesterday and he had the poor sales woman in stitches. First of all I steered him away from the v neck jumpers and told him, as nice as they are, you don’t play golf and you don’t quite have the slim physique of my Father who does play golf. Well that set him right off, he told the sales woman that he wanted to pick a jumper that would pull of my Dad’s stylish look; tall, trim and distinguished. She just dissolved into fits of laughter but he was not insulted. Oddly enough any lambswool sweater, v or round neck did seem to give M a much more distinguished look and I made the mistake of telling him so. He left the shop wearing it and asked me just to ignore all the wolf whistles. He’s full of confidence that one.

Joking aside, M is recovering well and says he feels pretty much back to normal. He’s still in a bit of discomfort but he has a whole pick and mix of drugs to keep things under control. If I were him I would worry about the sniffer dogs at the airport! We’ve had a good laugh about his medication but also the fact that I’ve been stopped for a random frisk three times now over the last six flights to various places, that doesn’t feel very random to me. This time I’m packing my jeans in my suitcase along with my belt which has two metal rings on it; the type you feed through both and then back through one. One frisker said that it was more metal than an average buckle (thank you Fatface) so it makes more of an impression on the scanner, inevitably I’m asked to take the whole belt off. Well given that I can never hear what they are actually saying in such a noisy environment and with people that don’t know I need to lipread this can be quite stressful and also makes me look a little uncooperative when I ignore what they ask me to do. So the belt is banished and I’ve bought myself some travel trousers! Of course M says it’s not the belt at all, it’s just my face, he says I look nervous. I tell him, yes I am nervous, nervous that my jeans will fall down without a belt!



We are just home after a bracing walk through half frozen, half slushy fields. I’m not keen on dog coats but I do wonder whether they’d like them for the way home! I buried them in blankets instead but Riley likes to watch the world go by so only Harvey remained under his. It’s hard to tell whether Harvey shivers with cold, fear or excitement. We’ve never really been able to work it out. He shivers in the height of summer when invited to go in the car so it’s either fear of the car or excitement about the walk. He also shivers after a swim so that’s obviously the cold. Riley rarely shivers at all.

M has been home for the best of a week. He’s still got to be quite careful but he has insisted in going back to work, such is the life of a self employed person. We had a slow, mainly indoor week, with just a few short trips to try out a new coffee place that has opened up much closer to us than any of the town or other out of town locations. It’s a shame there are no soft furnishings to absorb a bit of the sound reverberation, it’s a struggle to have a conversation in there, the coffee is good though, and to be honest it is still a bit of a battle to get M to put his phone down for half an hour. I went armed with a few crochet magazines.

M and I have got to that stage, where, because of Little E I think, we have gone all slushy about small kids. There’s some seriously cute ones about with little snow suits and bright wellies. M is particularly skilful at chatting to small children and several times a Mother has said, oh, he/she doesn’t usually chat much! When we lived in Oxford I used to take E to various little cafes, particularly those with a kid’s reading corner. I’d get a little bit of time to read a newspaper or chat with a friend and E was always as happy as a pig in clover with a pile of books.

Yesterday, however, was a whole new ball game for me and I must admit I was wincing just waiting for the small girl running around the cafe in her socks to slip or be scalded with hot coffee. There we two narrow escapes where she ran underneath the path of hot drinks being carried to tables and customers had to suddenly stop and raise the mugs. I never want to be that old bag who says to the mother, she nearly got drenched in boiling liquid just now so I sat there uncomfortably and hoping that she’d be ok. Sure, my own children would probably have loved to have run around cafes too but a combination of it being a huge no no in our family (my brother and I were always taught to sit furthest away from already occupied tables let alone run past anyone!) and the safety issue meant that I always carried pencils and papers, books, puzzles, activity books or whatever was handy to keep them amused. I wonder why these big chain coffee places don’t have a small play corner and colouring sheets?

Apart from coffee outings we have watched a film a day on a Netflix. I can’t even remember their titles. We watched a series called le Mante which was French and about a female serial killer who helps solve a copycat killer case. It was not my usual preferred subject matter but it was pretty good. We are watching a Norwegian series too, Borderliner I think it’s called, not quite as good but sometimes you just have to limp through to the end to see what happens. We’ve finished series one of The Code, an Australian series, again, not my usual thing but since M has been recovering I’ve let him get away with choosing what to watch this week!

Today with the house to myself for a while I’ve finally unpacked a few bits from Sussex and some purchases I made in London. Pebbles with holes right the way through them are mainly my treasures from my trip South! I did find this Hornsea pottery mug for 50p though and with mustard creeping in everywhere it fits right in. You can’t beat a good old fashioned seventies mug.

I’ve wound my two new skeins from Loop into cakes and I’ve been browsing for ideas for what to make with them. I’m undecided yet but I’m sure something will come to mind. They both have mainly merino content so I want to take advantage of that softness, I don’t have a favourite every day cowl so that’s a contender.

E and I did a quick visit to Muji on the way back to St Thomas’s Hospital on Sunday. When I was a graphic designer I loved to get completely stocked up with good pens and stationery every time work took me to London. I’ve not been so organised with my crochet notes over the years and I hate to have to work things out from scratch when I’ve done it before but can’t remember how. I’ve bought a graph pad and a lined pad which are fairly thin so that I can keep them in the large denim pouch along with a few pens and take them wherever I go. At home I prefer a nice tin for all my bits and bobs like small scissors, stitch markers, tape measure etc but for travel these aren’t very practical. M and I will be flying to Jersey again soon and I’m streamlining the whole crochet travel kit beforehand!

I’ve written out long hand the basic crochet sock pattern that I’m using at the moment. I plan to add some of the patterns for things that I can cope with making over and over, like certain hats or shawls. Whilst my iPad stores a lot of my patterns it’s also a bit of a pain to cart everywhere so I often leave it behind. I just want a few basic patterns to hand that make good travel projects.

I’ve just finished making a basic top down crochet jumper. I’ve made toddler cardigans using this method but never an adult one. I made some scribbled notes as I went so I will transfer those to my new notebook too. I changed so much of the original pattern it’s now a new pattern I can follow again in the future. It wasn’t a very well thought out project colour-wise. I had some large balls of aran with wool and wanted to use them up. I’m glad I came across the pattern (link on my Instagram post) because the whole jumper was done in one piece with very few ends to deal with. The pattern is for short sleeves and I wanted a winter jumper so I made long ones. I did rip the first sleeve back a bit when the shape wasn’t tapering fast enough. It was my own fault. I should have applied some maths before I started it. I’m not particularly happy with the cuffs and the hem in front and back post trebles, I think next time I might do a back loop rib and attach it afterwards.

It was all finished in time for the mini beast of the east. It certainly was mini, we had a bit of snow on Friday night, some blizzard type weather on Saturday and then a decent amount overnight which put paid to J’s football match on Sunday. M didn’t want to chance slipping over in the village so I took Riley for a walk and M took H up the garden for a game of fetch. Harvey was more than happy with this arrangement because he hates being on a lead. Riley wasn’t keen on snow accumulating on his ears so we stopped to have a shake every now and then. I caught one such shake on my phone camera and it’s on Instagram. Today it’s mainly all gone, leaving behind a boggy mess but I was glad it came at all. I missed the last proper snow fall here while I was dog-sitting Archie and although he was good fun and expert at catching snowballs I’d never really been out with Riley in a decent amount of snow so I was curious. I think it puzzles him a little and he just seems so happy to be warm and dry and snuggled up next to me on the sofa afterwards!

Later I will indulge Riley again and we will be sitting down to watch a film while I work on the sleeves for E’s Diamonds and Bobbles jumper. I should have finished this whilst away looking after Archie but the beach and long walks were to good to pass up. I think he is used to two walks a day whereas here I tend to take H and R out for a good long ramble in the first half of the day. It’s like an off road assault course for them with rivers to jump across or swim in, ploughed fields to run up and down in and with plenty of animal smells to chase after. Getting them both clean and dryish afterwards is a fairly big task on its own so there’s no chance I’d be doing all this twice a day. In the afternoon they take themselves off down the garden and hop into the field for a sniff round. I’m lucky they are both the ‘coming back’ type. Our black Labrador, Jake, was not!

It has definitely been a stressful couple of weeks. Both M and I have had to take stock and talk about tricky things like finances and in particular what would happen if… I’m only glad he was prepared to talk at all. I’ve had to chip away at his head in the sand approach to life in years gone by and make him see that there is another way. E will often say that being an adult sucks. I haven’t the heart to remind her that she’s got plenty more years of having to put up with that!

Here’s the link to the super easy crochet sweater pattern…


We are certainly cramming in lots of ‘adventure’ this year. Only recently we all managed to get snowed in separately in four different locations. I was in Bexhill with just enough snow to cause a little disruption. E was in Leeds with quite a lot of snow and nearly a week of snow days. J was in Lincoln with nearly a whole week off school too. M was in Jersey with three days of cancelled flights. I felt quite uneasy about it all, but mainly because I was worried that ‘someone’ might leave the dogs outside by mistake. A photo of them drying off with towels over them reassured me that everything was under control.

I’d barely got the house sorted after leaving it in the hands of M and J for a week, then J for a further week and was beginning to look forward to getting back into my own dog walking routine (you can see that Harvey was enjoying it too!) as well as fixing a few DIY jobs that were long overdue. M travelled to London last Monday and ended up having to go to A&E on Tuesday. It was a classic case of thinking it would be an in and out visit, then maybe just an overnight stay just to be safe, then he had a few more tests and so it went on, each time telling me not to come down to London that he’d probably be out the next day. By Friday I started to ignore those messages and booked train tickets for E and myself.

I find London quite overwhelming these days. Small doses are preferable and 48 hours was more than enough. On the plus side we were able to spend time with my lovely little niece. I do struggle to hear small female voices but E filled me in some of the time and it was lovely when she was able to read E’s bedtime story. At some stage E decided we were going to play hide and seek. Quite an interesting concept in an open plan flat with a safety gate to the lower floor. I did wonder how many places she might think of. Silly me for not finding her with her head inside an orange stool with her legs sticking out! J used to do exactly the same sort of thing!

With visiting hours from 2pm and Islington pretty much on the route from where my Brother lives to the hospital I persuaded E that Camden Passage might be of interest other than Loop London! Crafty eh? We had planned for her to leave me there for a while but she ended up coming in. Having seen that the majority of shoppers there at the time were closer to her age than mine (lots of selfies were being taken!) she was quite drawn to one of the simple garter stitch projects. The sample was out but the kit wasn’t in stock so I will treat her to that when they have more. I think knitting would be very therapeutic as an antidote to all her studying.

In all my years of knitting first and now crochet I’ve never really spent silly sums on a hank of yarn but as E said, it’s not every day you come to London. (When I last tried to visit Loop three years ago it was closed). I ended up buying two hanks at what I call silly prices but they are luxurious; the one I’ve photographed is merino with cashmere and the other is a variegated mustard in the same weight. They work quite well together. I will be thinking long and hard before deciding what to make with them! I must admit E is a very good shopping partner. I’m such a boring nerd when I go shopping on my own and always manage to talk myself out of any adventurous purchases. I then travel home kind of wishing I had bought whatever it was.

M was very pleased to see us, we had two long visits over the two days and the long expensive journey was well worth it to see how much he cheered up. It was hard leaving him there and travelling home so fingers crossed he won’t be there for too much longer.

Meanwhile I’m finding that the only thing I can really focus on for any length of time is cupboard sorting! What a turn up for the books! I thought I was done with all of that post Christmas. It’s mainly the food cupboard I’ve turned my attention too because it’s an absolute shambles. If you did through the keyhole you’d deduce that someone who loves to cook lives here but with no home organisational skills. I guess that cupboard has always been more M’s domain. I’ve previously sorted his many herbs and spices but this last week I’ve also thrown out pastes and tins and bottles, often with duplicates.

J and I have been having the kind of meals that I consider to be a proportionate amount of cooking to eating time. Ten minutes cooking to 5 minutes eating is perfect in my world. OK so some things take longer but don’t necessarily need watching too much. I wouldn’t say I’m enjoying being in charge of the kitchen but I’m certainly taking pleasure from having simplified our meals. J has even been quite complimentary about my efforts.

I’ve also been cutting down the major food shopping trips. The weather has been poor, the potholes are diabolical and the possibility of having to go to London at short notice has meant that I’ve been shopping close to home for just a few days at a time. It’s working nicely. With less choice decisions are made much quicker and it’s easier to keep it simple.

Once I receive some more positive news from London I think I will be back with my crochet. I’ve got too many things on the go and need to get some finished.

I was lucky enough to be given an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel by a friend of a friend. I admired it for a few months but didn’t know where to start at all. Whilst in Bexhill I accepted the very kind offer of a crash course in spinning. The wheel we used was slightly different and I was expert at setting it in motion backwards to begin with but soon got the hang of it. Once home I spent two hours trying to remember what went where to set mine up. A YouTube videos alerted me to the fact that I’d forgotten to put the bobbin on the spindle and after that it was just a question of getting the tension adjusted. The joy when it started taking up the spun yarn! It was probably late by then but I still wanted to let someone, anyone, know that I had spun my first yarn on a wheel!

I spun two very dodgy bobbins worth of yarn and then decided in for a penny in for a pound, I might as well try plying them. That seemed to work ok and the end product was indeed usable albeit with lumps and bump, bits of grass and a fair bit of lanolin too. I fashioned a bowl using a 6mm hook to accommodate the varying thicknesses of my yarn and it is extremely sturdy. I’m hoping that my next bowl will demonstrate an improvement in my yarn making journey!

I once thought that it was a branch of my wool addiction that I didn’t need to explore but now of course it’s too late and I’ve got the bug. I’ve dug out all the relevant books I’ve owned for years which just shows that it was always on the cards. One of the books is about natural dying and I’m definitely going to give that a go, perhaps when the weather improves and I can slosh stuff about outside on our old garden table.

I haven’t been keeping up with my photographing lately. I use my phone for ease of use and because it transfers to my iPad much quicker than downloading from a camera. The phone is playing up so I’m hoping it will just hang on until June when M upgrades his and I can have his old one. It’s how we do phones here, I never need or want the latest thing so when I get a hand me down it feels like the latest thing to me! It all takes time to learn new things related to technology. Only recently I discovered that a setting on my iPad was preventing me from adding stories to my Instagram account. Duh! I’m so behind! I’ve since done a couple and they are quite fun so I guess I might be doing more. Life just needs to settle down and go back to normal first!


My trip ‘home’ was very much a tale of two halves. The first week was warm and sunny which meant that Archie and I headed for the beach every day. My childhood Cocker Spaniel, Susie, used to walk round anything remotely wet like a puddle. We took her to many coastal spots for long walks and she always managed not to get wet at all. So I was impressed that Archie headed straight for the water and started off with a good old paddle. There was just one occasion that he went in near a breakwater and quite literally bobbed underneath the surface for a second, this is not something you need when you’re dog sitting! I was moving towards him in a nanosecond but then he bobbed up, paddled towards the shore and confidently hit sand once more.

Archie does have one thing in common with Susie though and that is the potential for edible items is never far from his mind. Some of the things he was interested were borderline ‘edible’ including fishy looking things washed up on the shingle. He has a knack for finding the point at which the tide turns and starts receding, therefore locating all the rubbish that gets washed up. He ignored my suggestions that the sand was more interesting and easier to walk on so in the end I had to join him and over the course of that first week we added three tennis balls to our collection.

The promenade fascinates me now in a way that it never did when I lived here. Some mornings we were down there by 8 in the morning (thanks to bright sunshine streaming in and messing up my usual slow starts to the day). Some evenings we were just about using up the last of the daylight. It seemed as though all ages were out at both of these times of day. Babies in prams. Kids on scooters. Older people driving motobility scooters, joggers, dog walkers. I know I’ve said this before but it’s all so darn sociable and accessible and there’s no washing mud off everything with hoses afterwards. Harvey and Riley would miss their daily hose down if we lived here!

I think it was towards the end of the first week that I received a rather distressed message from M. He said that if he didn’t see the funny side he would probably be more cross than he could cope with. So he simply explained that Riley had come back after his morning wee in the field and told him that he was unfortunately taken hostage by a gang of foxes, tied to a tree and sprayed head to toe with fox poo as a punishment for venturing onto their patch. A week later and I am still laughing about it. It is extra funny because that was one morning I didn’t have to deal with it myself. There was no point in the usual ten minute drying off on towels routine so M opened the gate into the kitchen, at which point Riley could easily have made a bid for his bed but instead he walked, with his head down, straight into the bathroom and voluntarily got into the shower cubicle. M said he laughed so much he had tears running down his face. He wasn’t laughing quite so much when the warm water hit the fan let’s say. It tends to increase the strength of the odour somewhat!

During that first week Grandad and I were able to get out and about. We had some nice lunches out. We popped over to a nice little town near here and browsed some charity shops. There was even one day when it was warm enough for him to sit and catch some sun on the seafront. Then came The Beast from The East. I must admit I thought it would never happen, we’ve had a few false alarms this year. We both stocked up at the beginning of the week and that proved to be good timing. Thereafter Grandad stayed in the warm and I walked the few miles there and back to have a cuppa and a biscuit or two. The snow hasn’t been deep here but it’s been enough to make paths tricky. Given that the average age here is probably 90 I was surprised that the town centre paths weren’t salted. You’d think shopkeepers would at least want to keep their customers safe. I helped one old woman out of a shop doorway and over an icy patch to safety. I wanted to walk her home but I’m really not that outgoing so I just hoped she didn’t have far to go.

Modern technology was a useful thing for once with daily reports of weather conditions coming in from West Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Jersey. E, J and M respectively. M’s second trip to Jersey was very bad timing with the weather closing in on the evening before he was due to fly home. All flights out were cancelled on Thursday and he’s on a transfer flight today but I’m not holding my breath. Both E and J have much more snow than we have here. School and university lectures were cancelled. Notably E’s priority was a good cup of coffee and J’s was Haribo, both trekked out in the snow for these! I’m a fine one to talk though, my immediate thought was chocolate! The local shop was quickly cleared of milk and bread which wasn’t too much of a problem. If they’d run out of chocolate now that would be a problem!

Crochet is obviously the ideal hobby for a snow day. I’m over the thrill of making snowmen or getting cold and wet with snowball fights, though I did take note of my cousin’s tip and made some snowballs for Archie to catch. He does indeed like this game. I think he liked wrestling with the towel I tried to dry him off with even more.

I whipped up some quick wristwarmers with a tweedy Aran yarn I found in a charity shop. There is usually quite a bit of yarn to be found here thanks to the older generation. Since they were a big success in that they actually fitted nicely for once I’m planning to make these again when I am home and can raid my pure wool stash. I’ve got a hank of Croft by WYS that will be ideal and warmer than this oatmeal yarn. I might make them a tad longer too.

I’ve made good progress with E’s diamonds and bobbles jumper and will bribe her somehow so that I can get a modelled photo when it is finished. Just the sleeves to do now. All of the projects I brought with me were one colour projects. When the sun disappeared for a few days I had the most unusual and rare for me, craving to make something colourful! I just don’t do colour unless it’s a special request from E or something for my niece. I came across the Coachella scarf pattern on LoveCrochet (a simple puff stitch construction) then went out into the Beast to gather up half a dozen odds and ends of DK to get started. I quickly realised that the ends were going to be huge in number and actually joked on instagram that I would be calling them ‘a fringe’. Well I’m further on with it now and the fringe is a definite possibility. I remember seeing someone on a train with a scarf edge of ends just like this and I think I might just get away with it.

I packed a couple of other crochet projects but wasn’t in the mood for them. I find crochet goes like this sometimes. E’s jumper for instance was ideal for accompanying a good Netflix film. Likewise with the puff stitch scarf; no counting required. Both good snowy day projects to get comfy with, alongside a film, coffee and a bar of Green and Blacks. I’ve done so much walking here because it’s been such a lovely change of scene and also because I didn’t have a car. I think my knee might finally be cooperating. The same cannot be said of my foot where I broke a bone right on the edge five years ago. I’m resigned to that being a nasty nagging pain for good now. I plugged music in for some walks and it’s a great way to distract the mind which reminds me to tell you about an amazing thing I witnessed early one morning. The tide was out far enough to expose some rocks and in the middle of a large flat one there was a young girl, about E’s age I guess, singing her heart out. Obviously I couldn’t hear her but the hands and arms were moving in a musically theatrical way and she was dancing on the spot too. When I got a side view I could see she was belting out a power number. What fantastic courage and a thoroughly inspiring spot to practice!