Recycled cotton face cloths

I made a dozen of these face cloths when I first started crocheting and I fully confess that it took me several more years after that to fully understand the concept of turning chains; when to ignore them, where the first stitch was and so on. The first cloths therefore, were all random rhombus shapes but they’ve been in constant use and no-one seemed to mind. I thought it was about time I made some new ones and being able to make them perfectly square this time was a very pleasing thought!

I did have a pattern or perhaps a square from a book of blanket squares but I cannot track that particular one down so I’m jotting down what I’ve done this time to share. If you make them in coarse dishcloth cotton they will be ideal for just that, dishes! If you use recycled cotton or anything soft and not mercerised they’ll be ok for face cloths. I had quite a good stash of recycled cottons mostly by Sirdar and Rowan in both DK and Aran weights, all thrifted from charity shops and in quantities not much good for anything else. You’ll need less than 50g for each, most of mine weighed in at 35-40g for a 20cm square cloth.

I used what I consider to be half a hook size above an appropriate hook size; so for dk cotton I use a 4.5mm hook and for Aran 5 or 5.5mm. You might prefer a more tightly woven cloth, I like ours to be nice and flexible.

So, using your cotton and chosen hook, chain 3 to start (one of these will be your turning chain, ignore all turning chains and do not count as a stitch).

Work into the back loop throughout.

Increase rows

Row 1. dc into second and third chain from hook (2st) ch1, turn.

Row2. dc twice in both stitches. (4st) ch1, turn.

Row 3. dc twice in first stitch, dc across until last stitch, dc twice in last stitch, ch1, turn.

Repeat row 3 until side reaches desired size or until just under half of your leftover yarn ball has been used.

Decrease rows

Ch1, dc2tog, dc across until last 2st, dc2tog, turn.

Repeat this row until 4st remain, dc2tog twice, turn.

Dc2tog to finish, fasten off.

Weave in ends.

You can of course chain stitch a hanging loop before fastening off if you wish and slip stitch it back to the start of the chain.

I like the raw edges but it would be easy enough to edge them in dc stitches.

It’s important to look carefully for the last stitch in a row on the increase rows because this last stitch just tilts away slightly and can be easy to miss. Count for the first few rows if you’re having problems with this. Each row should increase by two each time. Do not count turning chains.

There is obviously the option to crochet ribbed squares not in a diagonal fashion and these will make perfectly good face cloths too.


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