Before I started blogging I kept in touch with my Grandmother (and Grandfather) the old fashioned way. Letters. Letters with photographs tucked into the envelope. I’d always written, especially during spells of living further away, but in the years before my Nan died I wrote about my early knitting attempts, what we were doing to the house, new cushions I’d made, my feeble attempts at baking. I had a small photo printer back then and I’d print two up on a standard photo sheet to ‘show’ better what I had been describing in the letter. Obviously I wanted Nan to live forever but it wasn’t to be. iPads and blogging came along afterwards and if there’s any ‘looking down’ going on I hope she’s been enjoying keeping up to date… and Nan, I’m still rubbish at baking!

A lot of my blog posts record my crochet efforts and I’ve made some great like-minded creative friends through blogging, but I know my Grandfather looks in now and then to see what I’m up to. He and I are both aurally challenged (deaf as a post) but we have this great thing now called FaceTime, which enables us to lipread across the miles. To the hearing listener (sometimes my daughter Ella) we don’t always respond correctly to the other’s questions but we get by with a lot of patience and understanding. It’s only later we laugh because one of us has answered ‘all the time’ when the question was ‘what colour is it?’

I sometimes read that bloggers have a blip and ask themselves, why am I still blogging, who is reading, is there anyone there? Even if there was no-one there I’d probably still blog. It’s good to get things down in black and white if only for a little perspective on life and the chance to look back on the progress you’ve made with a property or hobby. Of course there are readers, it’s good to share and the world perspective is an exciting thing to be a tiny part of.

My old blog can be found at simplenaturalhandmade.blogspot.co.uk


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