M is having a hot, stuffy and stressful week in court. It seems a lot of these places would benefit from air conditioning. I went along and sat in the viewing area once and it was very warm with just one fan in the main court room, not doing very much to cool anyone down by the looks of things. I’m having to take into account his early starts, travel hours and the nature of the case and be extra understanding. He’s not one of those strong silent types.

It’s been very hot here today. I’ve been mowing the grass in phases. The front on Monday, half of the back today and I will do the rest of the back tomorrow. It’s working out nicely. Last time I did the whole lot in one day I could barely hold a fork let alone a crochet hook so I’ve learnt my lesson. I’d ask J but he’s got an intense week himself. Exams every day this week except for tomorrow but two on Friday. After that he’s a free agent but lawn mowing will be on the agenda!

J is guaranteed to leave things to the last minute but there must have been talk about prom suits amongst his friends. Last night he requested a tape measure and quietly set about checking his chest and inside leg measurements and then ‘shopping’ online for a suit. Don’t ask me how it was so quick but with next day delivery it arrived today and I managed to get a photo of him wearing it. No mean feat I can tell you! There was a bit of a gulp moment when I realised that my little batman cape wearing four year old was now a six foot four teenager in a three piece suit.

I’ve finished the second Unfold cowl. The colour looks a bit paler in the photo than in real life and that’s not the finished size but I’m planning on taking some photos of E wearing it regardless of the fact it’s summer! It turned out a little wider and a whole lot taller than my WYS Illustrious version so I think I probably will order that extra ball sometime and do the proper number of rows, I can see myself wearing it a lot in winter, so much less faffing about than a mobeus type. Over the head and go. I’m sure the dogs will thank me when they are doing their little victory dances in the hall before a walk.

Whilst away in the caravan last weekend E sent me a photo of a crochet summer top that she liked but didn’t particularly like the main colour of. She tends to avoid blue if she can. The accompanying message was simply ‘is this something you could make for me?’ With appropriate emojis of course. The shop version uses quite basic granny circles made square and then joined with a lot of chain stitches. I pondered over it a for a few days and then remembered the big fat vintage book I have with knitting, embroidery and crochet all covered in depth. There is a crochet summer tank top inside with small simple squares and not much shaping. There is also a bag which uses larger, more complex squares and a join as you go method. These bag squares are just what I need to create the lacy look in between the motifs as well as an interesting design and not having to sew them together at the end is a bonus.

I’ve chosen a charcoal grey as the main, last round colour and just grabbed an assortment of leftover dk for the rest. The number of ends involved is extremely offputting as is the number of these squares that I will need to make. Hopefully some caravan in the woods time will keep me focussed. I only take two crochet projects with me as a rule, and no extra yarn, that way I have to stick with what I’m working on.

We’ve made the most of the weather this evening and BBQ’d a simple supper. Our proper BBQ is usually stored in the caravan so I had to dig out this old bucket BBQ that I bought for the children to toast marshmallows on when they were younger. It was Β£10 and seems to have worked just as well as our Β£100 Cobb BBQ. E and her boyfriend decided to have swingball session which automatically puts Harvey on ball alert. Whenever we do anything involving balls or shuttlecocks in the garden he is very handy indeed for retrieving them when they inevitably go down the bank and into the stream. He paced up and down waiting for the swingball ball to end up in the water and of course it didn’t so he decided to have a trudge up and down in the dregs of the stream anyway. He has four very black legs and a black sludge underbelly and will be having a nice shower with Sanex for Men later. Riley has, very sensibly, spent most of the day lying on cold floor tiles.

This year I’ve got a much more useful quantity of gooseberries. Previously I’ve only had a handful and just whisked them into some natural yoghurt which wasn’t that tasty if I’m honest. This year I’m thinking gooseberry pie is probably the way to go. I might even tempt M into making one, he loves to bake. The gooseberry bush was a bit of an impulse buy a few years ago. It was looking sad and half dead on a discounted shelf and cost just pence. I could see there was enough life left in it for it to survive and now it’s a massive sprawling, annoyingly well spiked thing with a big crop of gooseberries. It may well need pruning, I need to read up.

Long may the sunshine last. I always feel obliged to soak up the vitamin D and get some proper fresh air when it’s sunny. That means I feel less obliged to be indoors hoovering, cleaning and tidying despite the fact that the dogs traipse dead leaves indoors, and leave half chewed nowhere near ready to pick apples and plums on the carpet. I can’t complain though, when we had Tilly, and Mollie before her, they had a field day catching small birds on summers days like today with the patio doors wide open and the freedom to bring in their little meals or gifts. I can’t stomach dead birds so M used to come home to an upturned flower pot in the house and have to deal with it. He’d have a cat again in a flash but I’m happier without for now.


We are not impressed with June’s weather offerings so far! The warmth and sunshine was pushed aside by this relentless wind and rain. Riley has been most disturbed by the noise the galeforce wind has been making. We didn’t brave a proper walk today for various reasons but mainly because it was hard to stand up let alone walk! I did venture up the garden and into the fields with Harvey bounding off regardless and Riley looking rather sheepish beside me. Twigs and branches have totally covered the grass and will need a big clear up job before I can get the mower over it all.

The decision on whether nor not to order a new cover for our old parasol was dealt with last night when we woke to find the metal pole snapped clean in two and half way up the garden. Our new one is bravely standing up against the weather in its temporary sleeve. I’m sure other things will depart or arrive in the garden overnight.

With M away for a couple of days, E at work and J revising for exams I decided it was quiet enough to start a crochet project that required a little more concentration and effort. I hadn’t anticipated quite how worried Riley was about the wind so after the third time he climbed on top of the crochet to get on to my lap I decided to give in and try and reassure him everything was ok. Harvey seems fine with wind, storms, thunder and lightning but we’ve had him since he was a puppy so we have been able to teach him that it’s no big deal. After a nap on my lap Riley calmed down and I put some music on to drown out the wind a bit. Acoustically I have no idea whether this worked but Riley settled next to me rather than on my lap so it must have helped.

The project I’ve started is called Unfold and is in the PomPom magazine edition I bought way back last February whilst in Brighton for a visit. It came with a free digital version which I’ve found really useful. I must admit I liked the look of this cowl last year but thought it was just out of reach in terms of skill level. I’ve been drawn to these raised treble stitches and although some patterns still get me into a right old tangle I’m more confident with them now. Thanks to dogs climbing on my lap whilst counting for the set up rows there are a couple of little mistakes in those rows but I decided to carry on regardless and quite honestly once it’s finished no-one is going to notice! It hasn’t prevented the subsequent rows from settling back into the proper pattern.

The pattern calls for 4-ply but I had this lovely Illustrious WYS yarn just waiting to be used for something special. It’s DK and I’ve used a 4mm hook instead of the 3.5mm hook suggested. I think I probably should have used 4.5mm but it’s not working up too stiffly so I’ve got away with it. This many raised trebles make for a thick fabric and since it’ll be a single thickness cowl just bunched slightly when worn I think it’s going to make a very warm one.

We will be spending more time in our caravan this year so I’m hopeful that I will be able to make a few more of these as gifts. It doesn’t look like much now but once it’s finished I think it will look a lot cleverer than it actually was! Naturally I’ve been absolutely not clever about calculating yarn requirements. I didn’t even looked at the weight or yardage required and it has chomped through the first ball rather speedily. I’ve counted the number of rows left and the number completed and phew, I think it’ll be enough but in future I will do the maths first.


We’ve had several gloriously sunny evenings lately. The days were nothing special but the evenings made up for that. I took the dogs out for late walks just to soak up the sunsets. Once upon a time I’d never have ventured out at such a time. I’ve described previously how a few frightening incidents made it difficult for me to leave the house on my own for a number of years. Even now the possibility of an axe murderer does cross my mind especially as this walk is so remote but I know the chances are slim and the older I get the more I am willing to take that risk! I’ve got a few years to figure out some kind of list along the lines of ‘fifty things to do before I’m fifty’. I want to well and truly leave my comfort zone. Not that I fancy jumping out of an aeroplane.

Today though our sunset walk is not going to happen. It’s absolutely chucking it down. Riley is not happy. He really doesn’t like thunder storms or heavy rain. H and R have been running up and down the garden and in the fields for most of the day. The sun was out, the doors and windows flung open. M and I wrote a fairly long list of long overdue jobs to be tackled today and we’ve pretty much ticked them all off. We’ve been to the tip, we’ve dropped bags off at a charity depot, we’ve collected under bed storage boxes (I was too impatient to wait for M to build wooden ones and quite frankly he’s too busy anyway). He’s finishing the wiring up of our new bedroom lights as I write. He would have been finished a while ago but I saw the first one and said it was far too low so with a little muttering and swearing he’s shortening it.

The biggest job however, was finally fitting the legs to our new cable drum table. I’ve wanted one of these for a very long time. Yes I’m aware this is not a normal thing to wish for since your twenties but I’ve loved upcycling long before it was even a word. I love the fact the existing holes are all the perfect size for tealights and a pillar candle I had amongst my supplies. The cable drum top was salvaged and the legs were sourced online for Β£50 including postage, they match the coffee table that M made last December. The existing dining room table is back in the dining room and this new one is in our conservatory/living room. I doubt we will ever eat in the dining room again. I’ll be on the look out for four metal chairs now, a good excuse to drag M into junk shops. He complains but he loves a good haggle.

There hasn’t been much crocheting lately but I took the gusset/strap part of my bag project on an hour long drive and managed to get it finished. It’s only 7cm wide but very long and it used up a lot of yarn. Currently it looks short but the cotton has some considerable give so I think it’ll be just right. I’ve found a converse cotton drawstring shoe bag which is dark grey and the perfect size for a lining, whether or not it’ll get sewn in is another matter. I will see if the bag works without first of all. I’ve got another catherine wheel stitch panel to do now which I purposely left to last rather than the monotonous strap.

I usually look forward to doing a spot of crochet of an evening but today I just want to try out our new table. J just shook his head when we told him what we were going to make with that big lump of wood with staples sticking out of it, but now he’s seen it he’s showing his mildly impressed face. No words, just a thumbs up. That’ll do for me.


In the interests of trying new things… today a photo challenge and a new app. I’m always late to the party with these linking things but Hawthorn ( h ) has drawn me in with the promise ‘if I can do it so can you!’ So, the above photo collage was done with ‘Pic Collage’, an app I’ve had on my iPad for a while but haven’t done much with. It was very simple to use. From top to bottom, left to right…

Flowers. Experimenting with my new phone camera macro lens. A viola? A mini pansy anyway.

Baking. Always bread. Eaten fresh from the bread maker (yes I know that’s not proper baking but it’s as close as I’ll get!)

Reading. Gritty new novels or old classics. I’m not fussy.

Comfortable. This dog invented the word.

Favourite colour. Blue, any shade, anywhere, anything.

Candles. Every day. Pine, sandalwood, fresh linen.

Hat. Ella loves this one I crocheted for her. I need one myself!

Walk. Easily done without dogs, but extremely amusing with them. Springers; why walk when you can bounce?

Favourite mug: so many pottery mugs to choose from my growing collection, but this seventies one is current favourite, it holds a lot of coffee!

Own choice: How I’d like my Mothers Day breakfast tray to look tomorrow morning! Lots of elements from the photo hunt plus chocolate!


I had a pleasant few hours in York yesterday. It’s such a photogenic city but I was on a mission rather than a ‘photo walk’ so I only snapped a few quick shots.  Mission Birkenstock failed unfortunately but I found J a tall, skinny fit sweatshirt which was a coup of sorts. It’s not always easy finding a basic item like this for a skinny 16 year old who happens to be 6’3. He likes them to fit like a glove, have enough sleeve length, no loud colours, no big slogans. Thank you Superdry for ticking all those boxes! He doesn’t have much non school clothing but what he does have he’s very fussy about.

I found E some nice things too. York was very geared up for Mothers Day and shops/gifts for women. After that I wandered up a road I hadn’t discovered before (in search of a quiet spot for coffee) and happened upon a yarn/craft shop called The York Makery. I managed to resist all yarn (how?) but treated myself to a new mug. I love how the shopping trip totally tells the story of my life, gifts galore for the children and a mug for me! The truth is I’m happy with my mug and don’t want for much these days. I’m even thinking of needle felt patching the parts that Riley chewed on my Birkenstocks. Make do and mend! They are only worn indoors after all.

Wilbur the Whale got sewn up, in bed, quite late, in place of bedtime reading. I gauged reactions the next morning and no-one got that excited about him. One child, who shall remain nameless, thought he’d make a better cushion than a toy. The other was more appreciative of the colours I’d chosen at least! I think he turned out better than expected and is a cheery addition to the top of my wool cabinets for now. He’s no longer a wip which is a good feeling and I’ve dug out the next project that got shelved for similarly daft reasons.

This small baby pram blanket was started quite a while ago. I think I was aiming to use up some basic stylecraft yarn that I had lying about. The reason I stopped working on this project was because it was clear I hadn’t paid enough attention to how far each colour would go. The blue has indeed run out and the scrap of pale blue I’ve dug out probably won’t go very far at all. It is also a tiny shade different. The perfectionist in me doesn’t like that, but now, with the benefit of distancing myself from it for a while I think it’ll make a perfectly nice blanket regardless and the blue is as close a match as I’d ever get not knowing for sure what brand it was in the first place. There is definitely enough yarn to complete a simple border too. I reckon this one could be done and dusted with the help of just two good Netflix films!
Good food to be had at Bill’s, 12 Coney Street.

Good coffee to be had at the Coffee Bike located in The Shambles.

The York Makery is at 36 Gillygate.


It is very much still sick city here. It feels very much like those hammering benches you can get for toddlers… each of us pops up and is functioning only to be whacked with the sick bug hammer. Currently we are about two down and two functioning. M has managed work, small bursts of DIY (despite me suggesting it can wait) and he is currently out doing the weekly food shop. He refuses to use the various delivery services because he’s convinced they pick rubbish best before dates and overripe fruit. Quite frankly I could live with that right now! E has also managed not to miss work.

J is on his third course of antibiotics, he’s had a chest x ray which elicited an ‘oh wow’ remark from the radiographer but of course we aren’t privy to what that might mean until the results are posted, yes posted to our gp, what happened to electronic transfer? J has never really been this unwell before so he has no idea how to listen to his body. He insisted on being allowed to do sport on his return to school and five minutes into an inter schools football match he realised he wasn’t going to be much use. He wasn’t in a good state when he got home hence the return to our doctor and more treatment. He’s now signed off all further sporting activity until this thing is well and truly over.

Meanwhile I am not well at all and frustrated not to be out and about with my four legged boys. At least one of them is protectively by my side, you can guess which one. He was most concerned yesterday when I really didn’t leave my bed much all day. At some stage I decided to watch The Hunt, a Danish drama on iPlayer at the moment. It certainly did nothing for my tissue supply and should have come with a warning to Springer Spaniel lovers! Good grief! All I can say is that I hope the dog was just a blooming good actor (or an extremely convincing dummy).

I’ve managed to do some wool winding at least. I tackled my Aran weight supplies and found that it’s so much easier to pick a random selection of colours when they are all in similar sized cakes. I’m not even sure whether these colours technically work but they looked ok together at the time of winding. Although the two boxes of wips are kind of on my mind and have yet to be dealt with it also seemed like a good idea to start a new wip! I’m sure I have mundane stuff already on the go but this was handy and nearby and I was off the starting block before I could even imagine anyone would kill off a cute Springer in a Danish drama! I know it’s only tv but honestly.

The new wip will eventually, in about a metre’s time be a double loop cowl. I’m using forked half trebles which are made over two stitches starting in the last stitch of the one made before. I’ll do the link info next time I post about this cowl. I’m still living in hope that the next iOS update will mean I get my bookmarks functioning again, without them I keep having to rely on google to find everything. There is something nice about the way the stitch creates a nice thick bumpy row without having to use back loops. I may try this out for a hat sometime too, now that I’ve wound a few aran 400g balls into 100g balls they seem more ‘approachable’! πŸ˜†

M had to manage a trip to B&Q solo yesterday! To be honest if I never go again it will be too soon. He was very thoughtful and brought me back a lovely coffee and a mysterious object wrapped in newspaper. It turned out to be the little piece of pottery pictured above. What do you reckon? For candles or incense or flowers? I’m never sure. It was one of those occasions where he dropped off all the charity bags we’d filled and swapped our junk for more junk, but this is the kind of junk he knew I’d like.

I’m not missing any fantastic Spring like weather at least. It’s been dull and overcast with drizzle all day so far. I’ve found another Danish drama on iPlayer and I think I’m prepared to give them another chance despite the trauma of witnessing dead dogs of a certain breed. The cowl will no doubt be done and dusted by the end of it and then I will dutifully return to M’s scarf. Just a small diversion!


While we were away in Wales (an awful lot of W’s in that sentence so far!) Mum stayed with J just to make sure he was still on the road to recovery and not about to start a two day diet of chocolate flavoured cereal and jelly (I seem to lose the battle Weetos versus Weetabix every time). Although it’s not every day your daughter whacks a load of old wood up for a feature wall in the main bedroom (makes me laugh out loud!) Mum actually has a great eye for interior design and is often ahead of the trends. She took the two bedroom photos above and messaged them to me with enthusiastic approval, which reminded me that I haven’t really done a bedroom makeover post yet.

The room is far from finished. M has man diy to complete, like wiring in the new ceiling light fittings. We are changing them from white plastic cord to braided fabric cord and then having big old fashioned bulbs with cage shades. I can just see my Grandfather’s face now… he’d be wondering where the fabric for the shade had got to! It does indeed look like a bare shade but they are architectural and I like them!

The wardrobes are built and functioning but need doors and a whitewash. Skirting boards have yet to be painted. We’ve taken delivery of a new kingsize mattress but it is sitting on the old super king base until M builds a new one. We’ve yet to choose blinds for the two windows. I’m still looking for something arty for above the bed. It feels like we have worked solidly on this room since January and should be finished by now. To be fair though it was a huge task. It was major work getting nasty seventies wallpaper off with the steamer. There was a pale blue layer, a peach layer and a magnolia layer, whoever lived here before just kept wallpapering over the last layer!

It is totally mood changing when you finally achieve home decor by choice. I realise now that a lot of my not so happy days spent here were a lot to do with the awful stuff I had to live with and lack of space until we had both time and money to sort it out. We gave the children’s rooms priority at first and both involved structural work, after that we knocked the kitchen through to the old L shaped dining room so that was a major undertaking. Our bedroom has been the last room to be tackled and then it’ll be back to the beginning with fresh paint in the dining room and maybe a re-think so that it can be a part time craft space too.

Somehow, and I’m still wondering how, I managed to persuade M to go to IKEA yesterday! We are both now going down with what Jake has been so ill with, hacking coughs, hot but with the shivers. We dosed up with max flu strength stuff and of course M moaned and moaned. He was mainly concerned that I wasn’t patient enough to wait for him to build a yarn storage solution. Once I had explained that there’s only so much rustic wood you can foist on one room and offered up metal as a new material that wouldn’t compete with the rustic wardrobes, floor, bed frame and wall, then he finally saw the purpose of at least going to have a look at the cabinets I had in mind.

He cheered up considerably once we had a cuddly toy, a plant and candles for E in the trolley and a rug for J (yes E is 19 now but has a soft spot for Ikea cuddly toys). That was clearly his priority, to make sure the children had ‘gifts’. He cheered up even more when we paid for round one and with the receipt won a Β£5 voucher to spend in the food hall. The cashier explained that you could win absolutely anything in store from a donut to a 3-piece suite. He would not have been very gracious if it had been a donut but he did howl with laughter when he overheard a man with a broad Yorkshire accent say, ‘it’s a bloody donut, all this way and we’ve won a bloody donut!’ He wasn’t going without it though, he told his wife, ‘you get t’donut and I’ll get t’car!’

So, we bought two of these metal cabinets. They don’t seem to have a name but they are from the PS range. They are very sturdy for only Β£55 each and they didn’t require an Allen key to put together! It’s given me six deep and wide shelves to fill with yarn. So that’ll be variagated dk, plain dk, Aran, chunky, superchunky and miscellaneous bits and bobs like my weighing scales for yarn, needles, hooks, blah blah. I’ve made a start with winding all of my variegated dk into yarn cakes with my wool  winder. It seemed like a good idea at the time but boy is my arm aching already! Luckily quite a bit of my yarn is already wound so I will do a bit each day. I’m surprised that the contents of my first plastic box haven’t completely filled this first shelf. I’ve tossed all the small leftovers and coarser yarn into the round basket for weaving. I’ll have a bit more choice of colour when I do my next piece.

I’m quite glad that the new bedroom layout wouldn’t accommodate my old yarn cupboard with its stacks of plastic boxes inside. It was a faff when I wanted a box at the bottom of the pile and it was so easy to forget what I had even though the boxes were mainly clear. I feel that this new system, although open to the elements (we don’t seem to get many moths but I will look into deterrents) will be so much more conducive to creativity and using stuff up!

M will feel useful once more when I tell him I’d like a scaffold plank shelf or two above my new cabinets. It might be another six months or a year before we go to Ikea again though! Feng shui wise it is probably saying ‘it’s you, me and the yarn in this marriage’ when you’ve got your entire yarn stash in the bedroom. However, with my little bureau, music and a comfy chair, it’s a happy space to work in now. Harvey and Riley might just be allowed in to snooze on the rug too!


A random selection of photographs today. One uber cool t shirt for my little niece. Bunny was one of the buzz words over Christmas and although she’s probably moved on linguistically since then who can resist a bunny with a red nose and heart shades? Not me. In aid of Red Nose Day too so it’s a win win.

Secondly, the state of my favourite Birkenstocks. Aarggghh! I knew it was a mistake to gift the dogs an old slipper each, now they think that all footwear is up for grabs. I’ve had these for years and I think they would have lasted quite a bit longer had they not been helped along by the adorable, but mischievous Riley. E said just recently, ‘I’ve never known a dog with so much personality’. Just a little bit too much personality for my liking! M, ever helpful, told Riley he’d be docking Β£50 from his pocket money. So helpful.

Love my little camping pan even more now that I realise it’s a left or right handed pourer. Pretty darn handy since M is left handed and I am right handed. If it wasn’t gale force wind here today we could have brewed hot coffee using our Kelly kettle in a little tucked away woodland walk spot we found last year. We drove around for quite a while (I made M drive around for quite a while) before we found a quiet spot with a space for the car, a woodland walk for the dogs and even a big old fallen tree trunk to sit on. All for the sake of trying out the new gadget. Coffee definitely tastes better when you’re sitting on a rotten log in the middle of a forest in my opinion!

Finally, an update on my weaving progress. I’m still making it up as I go along and it’s supposed to be abstract despite each family member in turn asking if it’s a mountain, or a temple or a pyramid. No, I say patiently, it’s abstract. I’m annoyed that the sides are gathering inwards. It’s not because I’m weaving too tightly, it’s because I didn’t set the warps taut enough. Lesson learnt for next time. There are two joining methods on this piece, the ‘mountain’ uses the interlocking method I believe, where the two colours are wrapped on the same warp thread. Forgive my lack of technical jargon. The other random shape uses a front and back warp where the colours meet, I have no idea what that’s called. I must look these things up! I actually prefer the fuzzy look of the interlocking method even though my counting was a bit off. I need to be brave next and dig out some roving or add some more tassels or something. I’m better at symmetry so this is a little outside my comfort zone!


It’s tricky coming from a family that never sits still, is always on the go, never puts off until tomorrow what can be done today…it means that I feel guilty when I finally slump into a chair at 3 or 4pm (much later if it’s summer with more daylight hours). Today I am consciously trying to take it slowly. In fact I could start a slow Saturday or slow Sunday trend in this household, except it’ll be me that struggles with that concept.

M is more of a ‘let’s do it tomorrow’ type and frustratingly tomorrow never comes. Though lately I’ve been amazed at his sudden burst of energetic decorating and to be fair, he has done the lion’s share of the painting. It’s taken ten long years but I think he’s finally coming round to my taste in home decor! Less is more.

I’ve been rummaging through my yarn supplies again and came across these Jacobs skeins that I bought last time we spent a few days in a shepherds hut, somewhere in the Dales. The smell is divine. I’ve no idea what to make with them but I’m determined to find something. Browsing for inspiration is almost as enjoyable as actually crocheting and ideal for slow weekend activity.

I purchased the first issue of Koel magazine recently. The second has since been published. It’s definitely my kind of magazine; crochet, interiors, macrame, embroidery, weaving, travel. I’ve written before about macrame and how grateful I am to the home economics teacher who kicked me out of sewing classes and gave me a large cone of string and a ‘how to’ book. I’d rather macrame than sew any day of the week. 

There’s also rug making inspiration. I have all the tools and some supplies, it’s just finding time to squeeze it in between crochet sessions. A big sort out of my craft cupboard resulted in pulling together all relevant supplies and storing them in a separate box. I’m now much more likely to get started with a small rug project. The frog latch hook cushion front belongs to E, purchased when she was about nine (ten years ago!) It’s so close to being finished and it’ll be a nice easy reminder of how to work the latch hook. I really don’t fancy turning it into a cushion after that but I know someone who might πŸ˜‰. I can’t be sure whether Riley just liked the soft furry surface or whether he was casually eyeing up the wooden tool handle as a potential chewing item!

J is alternating between homework and Xbox today. Nothing new there. M opened his bedroom door this morning and said, in a raised voice, ‘I’m totally done with you now boy! How dare you!’ J looked a bit bewildered. M went on, ‘How dare you grow up. Now that you’re sixteen I can’t get free coffee at IKEA with a family card, so you can jolly well leave home and we’ll adopt a new child!’ J just shrugged in true J style and said, ‘yep, fair enough!’

E emailed me the ‘homework’ that one of her class gave her on Friday. On the front it says My Homework because she wanted to give E something but was too embarrrassed for it to just be a picture. Apparently E is ‘the best teecher in the hole wild world!‘ Clearly not if their spelling and grammar is that atrocious! It did bring a lump to E’s throat though. She’ll be very emotional when her year there is up. Lately I think she’s been quite thankful she has a creative Mum and therefore has all sorts of valuable craft knowledge. She’s finding it helps enormously with the age group she is teaching, which is key stage one. It also helps divert a major crisis when a six year old comes to you with a broken off plastic gem from a hair slide that she only made the night before. E knew that it was a glue gun or nothing solution so she did a swift repair in her lunch break and was told, ‘you’ve just totally saved my life Miss’.


I love this new photo annotating app! I probably need to find a slightly more exciting version but for now it’s useful rather than beautiful! I’ve used it to remind myself exactly where I am with my Scheepjes blanket at the moment. Four white ribbed squares and four teal wavy squares to make before I begin the joining and border.

It was really good fun looking forward to the release of a new square each week and completing them before the next one. I kept up until these last couple of weeks when family stuff most likely took priority. It also coincided with a long spell on crutches and limited mobility due to that silly knee incident so that was another reason for me staying focussed. I don’t usually like or have any desire to do CALs. I stuck fairly close to the ‘in the rain’ colours but didn’t use the Scheepjes yarn in the end (after much deliberation) because I had quite a lot of dk odds and ends, so I’m pleased it didn’t cost a lot. Once it’s finished I’m sure it will be used a great deal, as our other crochet blankets have been.

I shall finish these squares once I’ve finished knitting baby leg warmers! Oh and my bear, he still needs buttons on the neck opening of his sweater and at the very least a pair of shorts to hide his pants! He’s sitting in a basket looking rather neglected while I’m doing more bedroom decorating than knitting or crochet for now.

There is something rather satisfying about obliterating every last trace of seventies decor and replacing it with a just of hint of modern seventies decor! We’ve decided we can live with the long seventies teak sideboard and bureau for now. Although I’d have never chosen a seventies bungalow myself I’m trying to embrace the positives (er, remind me what they are?). I picked the sideboard up along with a dining table and four chairs, all in the g plan style for Β£40 just before they started selling for silly money. That’s Β£20 for the sideboard and Β£20 for the table and chairs, an absolute bargain! The sideboard, although more logical in a dining room houses all the family photos, gift wrap and related stuff in two of the drawers, wedding album and bits and bobs the children have written, drawn or made over the years (much whittled down) in a third drawer. The final cupboard holds cameras and chargers and related stuff so it’s a useful amount of storage.

As we speak M is at the top of a step ladder swearing fairly loudly about the person who attached curtain pole batons with screws as long as his arm (apparently). He might be exaggerating slightly!